Recovering Peter McDonagh defends Tyson Fury after donation questions

Tyson Fury

Former Irish champion Peter McDonagh jumped to the defence of friend Tyson Fury after fans questioned a recent donation page.

A Just Giving appeal to raise £20,000 was launched after McDonagh underwent a 15-hour surgery recently for a brain tumor.

Fury, one of the catalysts of bringing awareness to McDonagh’s recovery, was then subjected to unjust queries, according to ‘The Cinderella Man’.

McDonagh says there’s a reason why Fury hasn’t donated to his page in person. And that the heavyweight star is doing his bit behind the scenes.

“Everyone hammering Tyson Fury for not donating to my page. He’s got no reason to,” said McDonagh.

“There will be a statement put out later to exactly what he’s doing for me.

“He doesn’t need a pat on the back. But I will make public his help and then all apologies (will be needed).”


Tweeting in the wake of McDonagh’s operation, Fury had stated he was, ‘thinking of this man on St. Patrick’s Day’.

Releasing a statement soon after, McDonagh showed his appreciation for the support he’s received from the boxing fraternity.

“I can’t thank everyone for the support enough. It means so much and it seems I’ve got a few friends now!

“MTK Global have been like family to me and guess what – I can feel a comeback!

“A 15-hour operation is a walk in the park for ‘The Cinderella Man’. I just can’t wait to get back in the gym.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters. It’s the size of the fight in the dog,” he said.


With 58 pro bouts behind him, McDonagh last fought in May of 2018.

Prior to embarking on a run of twelve fights undefeated since 2013, McDonagh had lost 28 of 46 contests.

Deciding to be a journeyman no longer, McDonagh entered the hearts and minds of the public with his infectious personality and refusal to lose.

The 41 year-old’s run culminated in a victory over Shayne Singleton before a draw with unbeaten Peter Kramer.

A title chance of some sort was on the horizon until McDonagh was forced to halt his career for a new fight against illness.

£2,000 of the £20,000 has been reached on McDonagh’s crowdfunding page since launch. To donate click here