Tyson Fury supports ‘Cinderella Man’ boxer after 15-hour brain surgery

World Boxing News 17/03/2019

Tyson Fury is backing Ireland’s likable journeyman-turned-contender Peter McDonagh as he underwent a lengthy surgery for a brain tumor.

McDonagh, 41, known as one of boxing’s jokers, has won as many fights as lost. But for the last five years of his career, the ‘Cinderella Man’ had enjoyed an eleven-bout undefeated streak.

That was until diagnosed with the growth, which McDonagh spent a lengthy portion of his Friday attempting to rectify under the surgeon’s knife.

Now, backers at MTK Global and friend Fury, are hoping to raise £20,000 to help McDonagh’s recovery.

Releasing a statement, MTK asked fans to dig deep to see McDonagh right through a dark period of his life.

Peter McDonagh – the popular ‘Cinderella Man’ – is recovering after an operation to remove a brain tumour and boxing fans and friends alike are rallying to the cause.

The Irishman underwent lengthy but successful surgery and begins his rehabilitation in typically defiant mood.

To contribute to McDonagh’s rehabilitation fund, click HERE.


Tweeting his support for the past few days, Fury is firmly in McDonagh’s corner as the former Irish champion bids to return to full health.

Speaking about his journey to combat the tumor, the effervescent McDonagh even stated he’s planning a comeback.

McDonagh said: “I can’t thank everyone for the support enough. It means so much and it seems I’ve got a few friends now!

“MTK Global have been like family to me and guess what – I can feel a comeback!

“A 15-hour operation is a walk in the park for ‘The Cinderella Man’. I just can’t wait to get back in the gym.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

The Galway-born ‘Connemara Kid’ is a multiple Southern Area and Irish champion.

McDonagh suffered defeats to Bradley’s Saunders and Skeete, plus Alex Arthur and Curtis Woodhouse. Then in 2013, McDonagh vowed not to be an also-ran anymore.

He made a promise not lose from that point on. McDonagh stayed firm to his word.

If indeed he has fought his final bout, McDonagh has bowed out on his terms.

WBN would like to wish McDonagh all the best with his recovery.

Please give whatever you can.

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