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Home » Exclusive: Elhem Mekhaled talks interim WBC title fight vs Danila Ramos

Exclusive: Elhem Mekhaled talks interim WBC title fight vs Danila Ramos

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Undefeated super-featherweight Elhem Mekhaled will fight for the interim WBC title this weekend in Barcelona, Spain.

The 28 year-old takes on fellow Danila Ramos, who also boasts a perfect record, at the Hotel W in Cataluna.

Heavyweight puncher Christian Thun, labelled ‘The Next Klitschko’ by representative Mehdi Ameur, will also compete on the show.

Speaking regarding her championship chance, Makhaled told World Boxing News: “This fight is a real opportunity for me to prove my name is valid in boxing.

“I need to be top of the world rankings. I’m facing a good opponent, but she must understand that I will be the new world champion when I win on Saturday.

“There’s no doubt in my mind I will pass this step in my cáreer. This victory will be a result of all the hard work I did with my team, with the support of my fans and my sponsor.

“Obtaining the interim title of the WBC is also a dream. I would love to go with my belt to Mexico for a meeting with the President Mauricio Sulaiman and his team.

“Physically, I feel very good. I’m determined and want to represent the female boxers around the world.

“I hope to become a reference for the young women and be the only number one fighter on the planet. I plan to be the best one in the world,” she added.


Event organizer Ameur said: “It’s my first event in Barcelona at the Hotel W. I will bring boxing where it was forgotten.

“Barcelona is cosmopolitan and at the same time a huge city. This city needs boxing and will be the place to be this year.

“I planned this event with the interim world female title female. Elhem Mekhaled earned her chance when she became actual EBU champion.

“This is the first time a promotor has organised a world title fight with the WBC in Spain.

“Right now, I have my five dates for 2019 and more are coming. The noble art will be reborn in Spain on March 16.

“Christian Thun will do make his come back after a few months without a fight. I am pleased he will fight 6×3. Then he will fight four more bouts this year.”