Lennox Lewis jokes on $100m Mike Tyson rematch: Show me the paper!

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has joked he’d be willing to come out of retirement to face Mike Tyson again.

Advancing on his previous statement regarding a $100 million comeback, Lewis told Joe Rogan on his podcast that if the money was real he’d consider a second fight with Tyson.

“Well you know, I told people that I’d take my pyjamas off for a 100 mill (£76m),” said Lewis. “So if you’re serious, come with it baby, show me the paper.”

The 53 year-old previously stopped Tyson in 2002 at The Pyramid in Memphis. Using his superior height, reach and skills, Lewis dropped and stopped Tyson in eight rounds.

Back in 2013, Lewis spoke exclusively to WBN about his desire to accept a fight with anyone for a nine-figure check.

“I think the article (in a UK tabloid) was framed as if I was seeking some sort of fight. There was a hard offer on the table. But no money has been put up. No discussions are or have taken place,” Lewis exclusively told World Boxing News almost six years ago.

“I am not actively seeking a fight. Although if the $100m was actually put on the table then of course, I’ll get out of my PJ’s and give it serious consideration.”

At the time, it was claimed Lewis was training for a 2014 clash with Vitali Klitschko. Those rumors resurfaced again just last year at the WBC Convention.

As it happened, Lewis and Klitschko just planned to discuss their previous contest, which the Briton also won via stoppage.

“Ha! I don’t know where the training part came from. Nor am I running every morning in Hyde Park,” joked Lewis to WBN. “At the moment I am not in discussions with anyone about a return to ring. Nor do I have any plans to.

“I’ve always said $100m knowing that it can’t be done. But If however far fetched the money was somehow raised – I’m all ears.

“I’ve yet to see the money on the table and I will remain happily retired until that time,” he added.


Even the current boxing TV boom wouldn’t be enough to see anyone put that much cash on the table to see a boxing legend return in his 50’s.

It’s long been an idea for some sort of Masters ‘Prizefighter’ tournament featuring older fighters. Although the problem lies in getting those elder statesmen licensed.

The insurance alone would be through the roof, leaving the chances of seeing Lewis, Tyson or anyone other than ‘The Alien’ Bernard Hopkins fighting past their half-century, very remote indeed.