Favorable Boxing Events for High Roller Casino Players

Phil Jay 07/03/2019

Favorable Boxing Events for High Roller Casino Players

If you are looking for a new unusual sport to start betting on, boxing is your choice. It combines high rewards, a large audience of fans, and various options from bookies. Of course, it’s also highly entertaining, so you will not feel bored while watching the chosen event. Especially, boxing is cool for high rollers because one successful bet can bring insane profits.

However, it can be difficult to start gambling in a high roller casino. You should consider numerous pitfalls such as rare fights (ones of high popularity occur a couple of times each year), different systems of odds, unpredictable boxers, and even rigged battles in favor of bookmakers.

To help all those who are going to join the gambler’s club and start wagering on exclusive boxing events for high rollers, VIP players, and whales (aka players with a flexible credit line), we have prepared this guide. Some reputable high roller casinos are also provided. So, let’s begin and take your company!

Check out the top-rated boxing events and place your bets with reputable high roller casino websites ✔️. Read about sports betting options and opportunities!

Boxing Betting Options

First things first, we want to talk about betting opportunities gamblers have in nearly every casino or betting office. In the following sections, we will review exact options offered by best high roller casinos, their differences, and whether there’s something unique they bring to the table.

On Win

Here are two types of wagering options:

  • Who? It’s the simplest bet possible as you only have to choose which of the participants will grab the victory. Sometimes, high roller casinos offer the Draw option, too.
  • How? This one is known as a bet on the fight outcome. The casino will offer you to bet on KO, TKO, disqualification, decision, and technical decision.

On Rounds

This category is more diverse as it includes six possible highroller betting options:

  • Single round. With this stake, you can choose who will win and specify when they will do it. Obviously, you can get more benefits here.
  • Group of rounds. It’s similar to the previous one but you can choose a group of rounds (e.g. 1-3, 4-6, and so on) instead of a single round.
  • Last round, single. In this one, you bet on the final moment only and don’t have to specify the winner.
  • Last round, group. Similarly, this bet offers several groups of rounds when you think the fight will end.
  • Total rounds. Finally, you can choose the total number of periods. Normally, these bets have the least favorable odds.

Along with the two mentioned categories, some high roller casinos list more exotic gaming options and bonuses for VIP players. For example, triple wagers require that you choose who will win, how they will beat the opponent, and during which round this will occur. Also, the Distance bet is highly popular as it provides for only two outcomes: yes and no. This means, a whale can put high stakes on whether the fight will take all 12 rounds or not.

System of Odds

Another essential thing to remember relates to the schemes of odds in different regions. Without knowing these differences, there’s a chance that high rollers can lose a lot of money because they just can’t understand which bet to choose. Generally, the player will find only two systems in high roller casinos: European (also used in Canada, Australia and by English gamblers) and American.

European Scheme

This system is also known as fractional or decimal (they feature slightly different approaches to counting odds). They are quite simple if you are familiar with them.

Fractional odds are presented as fractions – 1/2 , 5/3 or 9/4 and so on. To understand the final potential prize, you should multiply your high stakes by the chosen fraction and add the initial amount. So, you would get $150 for $100 in the first case (100 * 1/2 + 100) or $267 in the second one (100 * 5/3 + 100).

Decimal odds come as 1.4,  5.0 or 11.8 and so on. To reveal how much you won in a high roller casino, just multiply the initial high stake by the specified number. It means, for $100 you would get $140, $500 or $1,180, respectively.

American Scheme

The system used by bookies in the United States is completely different. It represents odds as positive or negative numbers depending on the predicted outcomes. Let’s say, a bet on a given favorite will look like -200 or -500 where these numbers show how much you have to wager to get $100.

At the same time, high stakes on the less possible outcome will be +100 or +600 or more. Here, numbers show how much you can win for $100 wagered. In both cases, you get the initial amount ($100) in addition to the prize.

High Roller Casinos for Boxing Fans

If people want to play big, then they should look for websites or mobile apps, which support high stakes for sports betting. As a rule, it’s better to choose well-known reputable casinos with a long history and a lot of good reviews from users. Flawless reputation and solid protection from hackers/scammers are considered the must-have features for a high roller casino, of course. If you want to play other online casino games too, make sure that the chosen casinos offer card tables for poker or blackjack, roulette and casino slots.

Furthermore, we suggest trying crypto betting which features instant deposit and withdrawal options, lack of betting limits, casino bonuses and other perks. There are dozens of loyalty programs offered by casinos and bookies which accept Bitcoin or altcoins. These platforms are often decentralized, and thus enjoy higher security.

You can still gamble in brick-and-mortar or land based casinos in Las Vegas or Macau where VIP players can get free spins, bonus chips, slot games and other comps.

Casino Websites

  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • Bodog
  • Casumo
  • Ladbrokes
  • Unibet
  • William Hill

Casinos Accepting Cryptocurrencies

  • 1xBit
  • Cloudbet
  • CryptoBets
  • Edgeless
  • Mbit
  • Sportsbet
  • Wagerr

Top Rated Boxing Events to Wait For

2018 was entertaining, undoubtedly. The world spectated performances of Anthony Joshua, impressive wins of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, a sensational draw between the two, and the rise of Ukrainian boxing style due to the effort of Oleksandr Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko.

But, what about the latest events of 2019? As for now, we have seen only the famous Return to Vegas battle between Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner, where the Filipino man triumphed. Those who bet on him were happy, obviously. So, let’s look at the upcoming fights already announced. Note that the day / time / place or program changes are possible.

March 2019

  • 9 March: Joe Smith JrDmitry Bivol, WBA title
  • 9 March: Mikkel LesPierreMaurice Hooker, WBO title
  • 15 Match: Jono CarrollTevin Farmer, IBF title
  • 16 March: Ryoichi TaguchiKosei Tanaka, WBO title
  • 23 March: Angel MorenoCharlie Edwards, WBC title
  • 30 March: Doudou NgumbuOleksandr Gvozdyk, WBC title

April 2019

  • 12 April: Anthony CrollaVasyl Lomachenko, WBA and WBO titles (this must visit every)
  • 13 April: Shefat IsufiBilly Joe Saunders, WBO title
  • 20 April: Amir KhanTerence Crawford, WBO title
  • 27 April: Zolani TeteNonito Donaire, WBA and WBO titles

May-June 2019

  • 4 May: Daniel JacobsCanelo Alvarez, WBA, WBC, and IBF titles
  • 18 May: Ivan BaranchykJosh Taylor, IBF title
  • 1 June: Jarrell MillerAnthony Joshua, WBA, WBO, and IBG titles

Still, intriguing battles of the highest level don’t feature the exact date. Deontay Wilder will fight with Tyson Fury in the rematch for the title of WBC champion, Manuel Charr will compete with Fres Oquendo for the WBA title. We can expect even more high-profile brawls, so watch for announcements, read the news, and don’t miss your best betting chances.

Most likely, leading high roller casinos and bookmakers will list these events in addition to private battles. To get the most out of high stakes, you should keep an eye on the boxers’ performance, results of previous duels, and various side factors. Remember that knowledge is the key to success.

Importance of Responsible Gambling

Now you see that boxing is a pretty promising industry for high rollers who can bet a lot of cash on various outcomes. With enough knowledge about this industry, you can be extremely successful in guessing exact points or knockout rounds. Nowadays, hundreds of high roller online casinos offer sports betting and, particularly, boxing wagering, so there shouldn’t be any problems in selecting a website which suits you.

Nonetheless, the most essential thing you should remember about is social responsibility. A lot of betting platforms and online casinos stimulate underage online gambling or crank out scam businesses. It’s important to check privacy policy, licenses, contact info and reviews to be sure that you are logged in a reputable site, which pays out winnings regularly. Also, you want to look through the terms and conditions section of the chosen website to learn about the exact gameplay or banking rules, as well as to check a trust sign by eCOGRA.

All in all, we recommend that all high roller players do some research before betting on boxing events via any casino online, even the most famous one. But usually, all customers are satisfied, because this is the main task of the organizers. Have a nice experience and play safe!

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