Coldwell delighted with Gill performance, labels wonderkid ‘a special fighter’

Barring Jordan Gill, Dave Coldwell was the happiest man in Peterborough last Saturday night as his featherweight charge produced a destructive performance.

Opposed by Emmanuel Dominguez, Gill was expected to receive a tough outing against the Mexican veteran, but any indication that this was going to be a hard night were eradicated almost immediately as Gill blew away Dominguez in three one-sided rounds.

A delighted Coldwell was massively impressed with the performance.

“Even I didn’t expect it to happen that early,” buzzed Coldwell. “I’d had a look at Dominguez and he was a game fighter, but once Jordan had him hurt the end was near and he refused to let him off the hook.

“I’ve been telling people about Jordan for so long. He was one of boxing’s best kept secrets, but after his last two wins I think it’s safe to say that he’s someone who everyone in boxing is fully aware of.

His last two fights were intended to be dangerous bouts, but Jordan has made them both look easy. This is the fighter I see in the gym every single day.

“I expected him to beat both Ryan Doyle and Dominguez, but way he’s handled the occasion both times is what’s impressed me. I really think he can go on to become a special fighter.”

On the aftermath of the fight, Coldwell added, “My phone has not stopped ringing with people telling me how impressed they were with Jordan.

“I’m not just talking friends and family, these calls were coming in from some of the most respected names in boxing. Jordan has really made a big impression.

The next couple of steps are really important now. He’s done everything that I’ve asked of him so far and it’s vital that he continues to get it right. This kid can be anything he wants. I really believe that.”