MTK Global announce Kazakhstan expansion plan

RINGSIDE 03/03/2019

MTK Global is delighted to announce plans to partner with Ahmed A. Seddiqi and Askar Salikbayev in bringing professional boxing to Kazakhstan this year.

Ahmed A. Seddiqi is a name synonymous with boxing in the Middle East since the Dubai native founded Round 10 Boxing Club in 2014; his mission to grow the sport in the region and create opportunities for local talent to pursue dreams of fighting on global stages.

Since visiting Kazakhstan some 16 years ago, Mr Seddiqi has developed a love and passion for the country and, together with his close friend and colleague Salikbayev, a fourth generation in the Kazakh rail industry and owner over several universities and colleges in the country, now spearheads a new project in a boxing hotbed that has already produced the likes of Gennady Golovkin.

Kazakhstan has always produced top quality fighters in both amateur and professional boxing but with previous opportunities in the country limited, Mr Seddiqi is confident his new venture with MTK Global can provide the talent with the opportunities they need locally and across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Speaking about the new partnership, Mr Seddiqi said: “I have been visiting Kazakhstan for the past 16 years with passion and love to the country and the people of Kazakhstan. Boxing has always been my passion and life and after seeing the success of superstar Gennady Golovkin, the professional boxing scene in the region has been growing tremendously.

“Unfortunately, professional boxers in Kazakhstan are often misled and mismanaged despite the country being filled with top quality talent and a strong amateur pedigree.

“Askar and I have been deeply involved in the boxing scene in Kazakhstan for some time now and we know it is time to show this talent to the world of professional boxing in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and many more countries.

“Our goal at MTK Kazakhstan is to quickly make superstars from Kazakhstan who will stand on their own on an international stage along with the other great talents in the MTK Global roster.”

Mr Seddiqi’s partner Askar Salikbayev is equally excited by the move, adding: “Kazakhstan could easily be the capital of boxing in Asia and the world but the lack of management has caused a big issue in our country as a lot of the fighters come from low income backgrounds and are taken advantage of in the industry, particularly when it comes to matchmaking. If this part is solved, then history can be made easily.

“With MTK Kazakhstan, we will expose our fighters on a worldwide platform and protect their rights. Boxing is my passion.”

MTK Global is no stranger to the region having signed two of the hottest Kazakh talents in Sultan Zaurbek and Nurtas Azhbenov in 2018.

Both boast elite-level amateur careers and have fought on several shows in the UK under the MTK Global banner since turning professional.

The duo are understandably thrilled with the news of MTK Global’s expansion in their home country, with Zaurbek commenting: “I’m delighted to hear that MTK Global is setting up MTK Kazakhstan. This is a proud moment for us on personal levels and for our country as a whole.

“This is just what Kazakh boxing needed and now hopefully many more fighters from the region will have the same opportunities myself and Nurtas are enjoying.

“We have been so active since joining MTK Global and with MTK Kazakhstan, we are delighted that so many of our countrymen will be afforded the same chances.”

MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan added: “It has been my mission since taking the reins at MTK Global to expand across the world but particularly in countries that are ripe with talent but limited with opportunity. This is most definitely the case with Kazakhstan.

“With Ahmed A. Seddiqi and Askar Salikbayev providing genuine passion and drive, not only for boxing, but for the region, I have no doubt that we will be seeing some big names develop from Kazakhstan very quickly and I am delighted to be partnering with such advocates and champions of the industry. These are very exciting times for all involved.”