Chris Eubank Jr. responds as sparring partner breaks disclosure rule

Chris Eubank Jr.

📸 Lawrence Lustig

Chris Eubank Jr. has admitted his surprise following a prediction of defeat by former live-in sparring partner Denis Douglin.

Preparing to face James DeGale this weekend, Eubank enlisted the services of American Douglin as chief help.

Douglin even stayed in Eubank’s house for the duration. Heading back to Las Vegas, the former contender then gave a surprise view on the fight.

In it, Douglin broke the unwritten disclosure rule after previously saying Eubank would knock DeGale out.

“I expect DeGale to win. Chris fell for the simple traps I set him and James is much better and slicker than I am. If I can trick him then DeGale will cause him big problems,” he said.

“I hate to say this because I had a good time in England and we did some excellent sparring. But while Chris is physically strong, James is much more skilled and will win.”

Eubank was asked for his view at the final press conference. The Brighton man said: “It does surprise me. It is contrary to what he was telling people before we broke camp.

“We had some good hard sparring, both technical and physical and it was an excellent camp,” he added.




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