Chris Eubank Jr: James DeGale respects me, he knows what’s coming!

Chris Eubank Jr

Mark Robinson

Chris Eubank Jr. heads into the biggest fight of his career this weekend, knowing the opportunity is there to become a two-time IBO super-middleweight champion.

The Brighton man has made some bold claims in the build-up. Eubank now has to back up his words.

Speaking ahead of this Saturday’s fight at The O2 in London, the son of a legend is more than ready.

“I’m relentless. I don’t stop. Volume, speed, power, it is all a dangerous combination, and he knows that,” said Eubank Jr., “But the fact he knows that is why we’re going to see the best James DeGale we’ve seen for a long time.

“He’s the type of fighter who rises to the occasion. If he’s got someone he doesn’t respect or fear, then that shows in his performance. He respects me and knows what is coming, so he is going to be on form.

“He’s had some hard fights, that’s for sure. It is one of those things – a fight like this, especially against me – that could be career-ending.

“He knows I’m a livewire and that I’m dangerous. He knows being ill-prepared is dangerous for his health. I don’t think he’s going to put himself in that position.”

Eubank added on his new McLaren car: “Well, I had a Bentley last year and the McLaren this year. I guess I just needed something faster this time around.

“I always said I would learn how to try one of the giant trucks my dad drove. But, for now, a sports car is more my style.

“I am not thinking about losing. It is going to go my way. Boxers should not be compared to footballers. To fight for a living is the hardest and most noble and tough way to earn a living.

“I think we earn the right to enjoy life. Anyone who works hard should be able to buy what they want, but you must be smart with it.”