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Mauricio Sulaiman marks five years as WBC President

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Five years have passed since Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar, in an extraordinary meeting held in Mexico City, was elected President of the World Boxing Council.

The move followed the passing of his beloved Father Don José Sulaimán, who led the WBC for 38 years.

At that special meeting, representatives of the African Boxing Union, Asian Boxing Council, the British Boxing Board of Control, the Caribbean Boxing Federation, the North American Federation, the European Boxing Union, and the South American Federation, among others, were in attendance.

Mauricio Sulaiman

Mauricio received 34 votes from the members of the Board of Governors and was unanimously elected as WBC President on that historic day.

Today, with the same exemplary values which Don José promoted, striving with commitment, honesty, responsibility, respect, solidarity, and friendship, Mauricio continues to work tirelessly to improve boxing, consolidating and advancing the WBC as the most important sanctioning body in the entire world.

Some of the projects that Mauricio has focused upon, achieved, and realized are:

Cooperation with the foundation of Pope Francis, Scholas Occurrentes.

U.S. President Donald Trump granted the Presidential Pardon to the first African-American heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.

The programs for social reintegration together with security institutions, the “Boxing Against Obesity program,” development.

Continuity of the Clean Boxing Program.

Constant work led to the significant advancement of the Jose Sulaimán Champions Fund.

Amateur Boxing Development.

Nutrition Committee,

Safety Committee with pre-weigh-ins and mandatory medical exams,

Adaptive boxing development, among many other initiatives, actions, and programs.

Five Years

The WBC family celebrates the fifth anniversary of our leader Mauricio Sulaiman.

The WBC said: “He’s shaping his history, exercising leadership, wisdom, and tenacity. It has allowed him to break down complicated obstacles, solve problems, help people, always working for better and more humane boxing.

“With the absolute collaboration of all WBC members around the world, maintaining the unity, reciprocity, and friendship.

“And the absolute priority of making boxing better and safer for all the fighters.

“Many congratulations, Mauricio!”

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