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Home » Mass of support for boxer Lee Noble following terminal cancer diagnosis

Mass of support for boxer Lee Noble following terminal cancer diagnosis

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Former English title challenger Lee Noble has updated his condition this week during his ongoing fight with cancer.

Unfortunately, it’s not good news to report.

The 31-year-old has been informed by medical staff his condition has worsened, and the disease is incurable.

Taking to social media to reveal the diagnosis received on Monday, Noble was his usual determined self.

“After seeing my doctor today, we’ve finally been told the news my family and I were dreading,” explained Noble. “Cancer has returned in my brain and bone marrow. The cancer is (also) terminal.

“I won’t stop fighting till my final breath. Thanks for everyone’s support, especially my fiancée and family,” he added.

Noble’s words come just thirteen months after Noble posted a poignant picture of himself at what he described as his ‘weakest and frailest’ in January 2018.

Displaying his ongoing struggle, Noble hoped revealing the photo of his plight would lead to a picture of health sometime later.

“(I’m) posting this picture at my weakest and frailest. But (I’m) most optimistic (that) in one year when this appears on my timeline, I will take a photo to show you all what positivity can do.

“Keep praying for me. If this helps one fellow cancer fighter through a bad day, then I’m happy. #beatingcancer.”

Three months after the image was revealed, WBN caught up with Lee to see how he was doing.

At the time, Noble said: “I’m having my good days and my bad days. I had my stem cell treatment in January, which’s not quite fully complete just yet, but we’re on the verge. We’re working on getting it up to 100% with the stem cell donor. It’s on 40% at the minute.

“I had a test recently for a bone marrow biopsy, and it came back all clear with my brain. I’ve just got to take my daily medication, quite a few tablets.

“I got diagnosed first in October 2014, two weeks after a fight I had. And originally, they just thought it was a shoulder injury or arthritis. But I had to keep going back to the hospital for testing, and they said I had leukemia.”

Despite a bleak outlook, Noble has always remained positive and was even planning for the future.

“We’ve been struggling financially, and it’s only been during the last couple of days a guy from Blackpool has offered to do a testimonial for me. The money that I get from that will help me set a gym up and start training kids.

“I need to be involved with boxing. Hopefully, that will work out so I can then do something similar to what Kieran Farrell did but help amateurs and keep the kids from the streets.

“Boxing has given a lot to me. It’s paid my bills, but all of a sudden, I got cancer, and it was all taken away from me.

“As soon as I get a gym running up, I can start making some money, but it’s not going to be cheap, and it’s disappointing because I hate being stuck in the house, I just want to be out and doing things in boxing,” he added in the April 2018 interview with Joe Hewlett.

Fast forward ten months, and Noble is facing the biggest fight of all.


Once again, an outpouring of love has come from the boxing community.

Kell Brook said: “Sorry to hear about the news Lee. Keep fighting, champ. We’re all behind you!”

Promoter Eddie Hear echoed those sentiments: “Lee, sorry to hear the news. Everyone in boxing is behind you. Keep up the fight, mate.”

Frank Warren replied: “The thoughts and prayers of everybody at Queensberry are with you, Lee. Keep fighting.”

Many others offered their support, including Ashley Theophane, Jermone Wilson, Thomas Stalker, Anthony Fowler, Enzo Maccarinelli, and boxing writer Steve Bunce.

World Boxing News would like to offer any support we can to Lee and his family as the fight continues.