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Victory 8 show card announced for March 29 in Vietnam

VSP Boxing today released what has been an eagerly anticipated announcement regarding the local and International fight teams for the upcoming Victory 8 event on March 29.

The sports and infrastructure company recently opened the country’s first ever 5 star boxing gym, and the appearance of local star Nguyen Van Duong in sparring sessions there, prompted many to speculate that he will be a marquee performer at the next show.

Mr. KP Singh said that VSP Boxing had been inundated with literally hundreds of enquiries regarding exactly who will compete at the next show. “ It has been very gratifying to receive so much interest subsequent to our very amazing event of last November.

The facts of the matter are, having successfully negotiated with various top class boxers from overseas, we had all but concluded the International Victory 8 team almost three weeks ago. Unfortunately, one of these athletes was then injured in a training mishap and needed to be replaced. We thank everyone for their patience, but we decided best to delay the announcement until we found a quality substitute.”

Victory 8 – Welcome to Vietnam!! will feature six fights in total. The four undercard match ups will be of 4 rounds duration, and the two main features will be contested over six rounds. The International team that has been selected looks extremely strong, boasting fighters from Australia, the Philippines, and also Italy.

The fight squad taking on Vietnam is buoyed by the intimidating presence of five hard hitting professionals, and also one amateur champion. Fight caller Ben McCulloch was high in his praise of the International team selected. “ The two main event guys look exceptional.

Jye Lane Taylor is a potential top class fighter. He was a champion amateur, and he has his first pro fight end of this month and I am expecting KO! Danilo Creati is a 3x National champ of Italy – and gone 3 for 3 as a pro. I have spoken to guys that have sparred him and they say the guy is a ghost, he’s that hard to hit.

The two filipino boys are unbeaten and from the footage I have seen and their records – they can both crack! Gretel Le Paz looks solid – strong and come forward style that they like in Vietnam. Emmet Brown is an Aussie amateur champ – I haven’t seen him fight, but I have heard lots of great reports about him.

Former world champ Gretchen Abaniel was instrumental in getting the participation of the Philippines based fighters for the upcoming show. “We have lots of good fighters in our country and these three are no exception. I know Gretel well – she’s a very tough girl. Ariel Puton is 5 for 5 with 4KO on his resume.

“He is a dynamite young fighter with a massive right hand. They call him the sleep doctor – and if he lands his right – its lights out nighty night!! Haha – and Jino Rodrigo isn’t so different. He has a good record and lots of firepower. They call him the missing link – haha – a quiet boy outside the ring, but once he steps inside the ropes – quite scary!!”

Ben McCulloch was quoted after the previous Victory 8 event as saying “If you are looking for an easy fight here, DO NOT come to Vietnam” The local team chosen for March 29 look certain to reinforce that ominous warning. Headlining the show for Vietnam will be rising star Nguyen Van Duong and national 70kg champion Tran Duc Tho.

Both will be making their debut at six rounds. Nguyen Van Duong impressed legendary trainer David Hedgcock in sparring recently at VSP Boxing gym in HCMC. “This fellow is still learning but has all the athleticism and power of a mini Mike Tyson. He is extremely strong for a 56kg fighter” So strong in fact, that he will be competing in the main event with a fighter that normally sits at 62kg!

Tran Duc Tho will match up with the unbeaten professional Danilo Creati. Whilst lacking the experience of Creati, the southpaw Viet has decent hands, and his unorthodox style earnt him National honours at the recent Vietnam titles. National champions Nguyen Thi Tam and Vu Thanh Dat have also been included in the squad, as well as two up and comers in Cao Van Nguyen and Bui PhuocTung. This event will certainly benchmark where these Vietnamese amateur stars sit against visting professional fighters with quality records.

Victory 8 – Welcome to Vietnam will be held at Nguyen Du Stadium HCMC Vietnam on March 29. The event will be televised live on HTV in Vietnam, and free to air internationally by streaming company Epicentre TV. The full fight card for the big International event is:

Cao Van Nguyen v Ariel Puton (Philippines) 57kg 4 rounds

Bui Phuoc Tung v Emmet Brown (Australia) 63.5kg 4 rounds

Nguyen Thi Tam v Gretel De Paz (Philippines) 51kg 4rounds

Vu Thanh Dat v Jino Rodrigo (Philippines) 63.5kg 4 rounds

Tran Duc Tho v Danilo Creati (Italy) 70kg 6 rounds

Nguyen Van Duong v Jye Lane Taylor (Australia) 60kg 6 rounds