Exclusive: Sunny Edwards discusses ongoing British title frustrations

Sunny Edwards

Sunny Edwards cemented his position in the domestic Super Flyweight division after defeating Ryan Farrag and Junior Granados.

But the fights he wanted to improve his standing were harder to make than it seemed.

“I’m more of a Flyweight even though I’ve been fighting at Super Flyweight because I can’t get the fights at Flyweight. It’s very hard,” Edwards explained exclusively to World Boxing News.

“I think I’ve been offered 17 opponents as a pro, and I’ve accepted every single one of them. Probably even more than that because I had four opponents waiting in some fights.

“I’m not in the business to turn down opponents. Super Flyweight and Flyweight divisions are going proper at the moment.

“I know it’s quietened down a bit because they had that surge of all the SuperFly cards, but it looks like DAZN is going to do another one.

“Yafai vs. Donnie Nietes and Jose Estrada vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, I’ve heard, but I’m not sure on how true that is or how likely it is.

“They’ve got the money over there at DAZN, so I don’t see why it can’t happen.”

As well as the high-performing Super flyweights hopefully featured on the same card, Edwards holds one particular champion in high regard.

“I personally think Ancajas is the pick of the bunch at Super Flyweight. He’s done everything so well. SSR (Rungvisai) is a tremendous talent and very tough.

“I do think Jerwin is probably the next number one at super flyweight if they were all to fight.”

With so much talent waiting to face off against each other, Edwards reveals this goes all the way down the levels.

“It’s a good time to be a super flyweight, domestically as well. Although it’s a weird one because there are good fighters, no one seems to want to fight.

“I’ve been banging my head against this wall trying to get the British title for the past year. I don’t know what it is with the board. I don’t know if they’re taking it seriously.”

Despite setbacks, Edwards longs for a British title shot and looks to achieve it this year. He said, “I’ve been put in for it and again, and then they say they’re getting rid of it. Then they ordered Ryan Farrag to box Jay Harris for the British even though I already had the fight made with Farrag.

“It just seems odd. Now I’ve beaten Farrag. They were like put him in again, expecting me vs. Jay Harris to get mandated. That didn’t happen, that wasn’t the case, there was nothing for it, so it’s just a bit like what have I got to do to fight for the British.

“Arguably, I’ve got the best super flyweight domestic win out of anyone. My win over Farrag and internationally that win over Granados is up there. I’ve made it very clear that yes, I’ve won the WBO European, but I want to go the traditional route and fight for the British.

“I’ll even fight, and I think this was the plan before I got injured, but fight for the English and then the British and then move on from then in March and May. I think the opponents that got put towards me would have made sense.

“It’s just about getting up for this British, and that’s been frustrating. So I’m sort of half expecting my name to pop up every time, and it hasn’t happened. It’s getting annoying.

“My management team has put me in for it, so I don’t know what the problem is.

“My biggest frustration is that the board ordered two final eliminators, Jay Harris first, Brad Watson vs. Ryan Farrag, and Jay Harris vs. Kyle Yousaf. They were the four fighters anyway.

“I’m sitting there thinking what about me. I trained with Kyle Yousaf, and he’s a Flyweight. I’m ranked at Super Flyweight, so where’s my way into this?”


Despite Edwards’s frustration, there are great domestic fights out there for him and could be seen as early as May.

“I ended up boxing the only one who was outstanding, Ryan Farrag, and the only one left is Jay Harris, so why can’t me and Jay Harris box for it.

“I’d be looking to defend it as well if I win it. I’d be looking to defend it straight away. Keep busy. There are good fighters out there, so let’s make the fights,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller was a staff writer for World Boxing News.