Floyd Mayweather Sr. dropped hard in gym boxing match

Floyd Mayweather Sr

Will Hart

Floyd Mayweather Sr. took a sly left hook this week and was dropped on the seat of his pants at the world-famous Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas.

The 66-year-old former fighter, who has trained a host of stars during his career, shared the ring during an in-house session.

Facing a much bigger opponent, Mayweather Sr. looked comfortable until a short shot caught him flush.

Mayweather stumbled back and eventually hit the canvas as shocked onlookers watch on the apron.

The clip, captured by one of those bystanders, was then shared on the internet and picked up by showbiz and sports site TMZ.

A handy boxer himself back in the day, Senior won 28 of his 35 professional contests.

Turning pro at 22 in 1974, Mayweather defeated every man he faced until taking on a 13-0 Ray Leonard in 1978.

Leonard dropped Senior twice in the eighth before seeing out a tenth-round stoppage.

Winning his next four bouts, Mayweather was then pitched in with an undefeated Marlon Starling. He once again fell short, this time on points.

Another run of nine wins, one defeat, and one draw led Mayweather to a rematch with Starling for the American welterweight title in 1985.

Again, Mayweather lost on points before retiring soon after. This wasn’t the end of the story as far as Mayweather’s ring stint goes, though.


Five years later, Senior made a comeback at 38 years old. However, Roger Turner proved too much in a foul-laden contest in Grand Rapids.

Turner took a decision over ten rounds before going on to win the NABF title two years later.

Since his career ended, Mayweather has cornered with Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, and his son Floyd Jr.

With multiple world title wins as a coach, it’s a wonder Mayweather didn’t see that shot coming.