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Home » Exclusive: Sunny Edwards names list of targets, ready for titles in 2019

Exclusive: Sunny Edwards names list of targets, ready for titles in 2019

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Sunny Edwards had original plans to fight in March until he ruptured two ligaments in his ankle in his last fight against Junior Granados.

The fight dates would have most likely put Edwards in a position to fight for British and Commonwealth titles but will now be pushed back.

Edwards told WBN exclusively when we can expect to see him back: “Before I had even got on the scales for Granados, the buzz is there and the momentum is there. This is obviously a little setback but it should only put back a month from where I was before.

‘I’ll get a nice little tick over fight and then be looking for a big title fight on a big show in May, June early summertime.”

When asked about his level of opponents and his progression, he replied: “Domestic at the moment, Ryan Farrag is domestic but has operated at higher levels and Granados is like an international fringe level fighter, I am still targeting the domestic fights.

“You’ve got Paddy Barnes, Jay Harris, Tommy Frank, people like this are making more noise at my weight so they’re the names that I want on my record.”

Looking forward to his return, Edwards has his ideal plan laid out and informed WBN of what he wants to do.

“I see Tommy Frank is fighting for the Super Flyweight Commonwealth title against Ross Murray. Then Jay Harris is there so who knows?

“Ideally, I want the British next and then that’s a fight there.”

“Tommy Frank comes through that I think, he’s a good fighter. He has been my sparring partner for a couple of fights.

“I believe if I have the British and he has the Commonwealth that will be a good title fight live on BT.”

Staying on track, Edwards (???? Ricardo Guglielminotti) knows what is required of him. He’s even willing to put friendship aside to go the traditional route.

“Obviously I’ve got to win the British first and it’s looking like the Jay Harris clash will be the one for that. He’s a good friend of mine actually, but boxing is business. We’ve always said if the money is right and it’s for a proper title then we will fight each other.

“We’re not in this business to make friends even though we have made friends. It is a business at the end of the day. Afterwards, the best man will win and we’ll shake hands. We’ll still remain friends.”

Having a spotlight on Edwards on the back end of 2018 has given the fighter a taste for titles.

“I think eighteen months to two years if I pass all my tests in front of me. It always is an if but I’ve got a long career ahead of me. Touch wood, I don’t need to rush even though people said Junior Granados and Ryan Farrag was a massive step up that I didn’t need to take at this stage.


“Risks are rewards, I probably could have gotten more money for those fights if I waited a bit. They’ve set me in good stead now with bargaining power. I’ve got two proper wins on my record now.

“At Super Flyweight, who else has actually got as good wins as those? Obviously take away Kal Yafai because he’s world champion. And apart from my brother, who else has got better wins than that.”

“Even arguably someone like Andrew Selby hasn’t got wins like that. It’ll be close he has fought some tough fighters like Rosales which is the one that stands out the most.”

Knowing his worth and the fights out there, Sunny has a great career ahead of him. He concluded by saying: “At that time Rosales was just an opponent. Now he went on to win a world title and Charlie beat him.

“I’ll definitely say I’m up there. I’m only young and prepared for anything.”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller