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Home » Suspended boxer criticized for fat-shaming Terence Crawford’s wife

Suspended boxer criticized for fat-shaming Terence Crawford’s wife

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A suspended boxer-turned You Tuber has been blasted online for fat-shaming Terence Crawford’s wife Debbie in his most recent video.

Nottingham-born Tyan Booth, a former English super-welterweight title challenger, posted a clip asking ‘should a boxer have a fat girlfriend’ via Twitter.

The 35-year-old led with a picture of welterweight ruler Crawford and his long-time spouse as the example.

Booth was then criticized for his action in response.

Pro boxer Jamel Herring asked: Why does it matter? If he loves her and they’re raising a family together, that’s all that matters.”

Several others tagged Crawford in tweets in order to alert the American. Whilst some just made their feelings on the fat-shaming plainly clear.

“A world champion boxer can have whatever he wants. Who’s gonna argue?” said one, whilst another stated: “You should ask him personally and see what he thinks!”

The replies continued with: “I think you should ask @budcrawford402 to his face. Let us know how that goes.” and “This is so unnecessary! And I hope they don’t stumble across this atrocious post!! So disrespectful!”

“Dudes a happy family man… no need to hate. Let the man cherish his wife and family in peace.”

Whilst another simply said: “You beyond lost.”

It’s not the first time Booth has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, as his videos are made simply to gain the shock factor.


Already named the ‘Leon Knight of Boxing’ by some, Booth was suspended in 2017.

The super-middleweight had just come off a career-best victory over Marcus Morrison when he made comments regarding tragic Scott Westgarth and ex-champ Gerald McClellan.

Once again, taking to the social media platform, Booth was roundly lambasted for his remarks.

“Some people would enjoy it if I got killed in a boxing ring like Scott Westgarth. Man down,” he said.

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“I’m boxing myself in two weeks, and I’ve spent the past three months drinking cider and not training properly. So there’s a good chance I’ll end up in a ­wheelchair like Gerald McClellan, so tune in.”

Trainer at the time, Dominic Ingle, assured fans the posts would be taken down.

“The inappropriate comments tweeted recently by Tyan Booth will be dealt with by the Ingle Gym and BBBofC. He has been asked to remove them.”

The British Boxing Board of Control handed down the punishment to Booth, which according to his bio, still stands today.

Judging by his latest actions, that won’t be changing anytime soon.