Tevin Farmer no Floyd Mayweather, he’s ‘a tiny little child’ – Jono Carroll

WBN Staff 06/02/2019

📸 Ed Mulholland

Irishman Jono Carroll wasted no time stoking the fires again when the IBF super-featherweight title challenger confirmed his fight with champion Tevin Farmer.

Promoting their March 15 battle, mandated by the International Boxing Federation, Carrol let fly with his thoughts on Farmer.

“I’ll do what I want with Tevin. He’s a tiny little child. I’m not afraid of him,” Carroll told DAZN at the press conference.

“When we meet, if he’s respectful of me, I’ll be respectful back as that’s how I’ve been brought up. But if he comes talking rubbish then I’ll put him in his place.

“I see a fakeness in him when I see him interviewed. I see a fake person. My thoughts on him are that he wants to be liked, but he’s not.

“I reckon he’s arrogant, that’s the man I think he is. I know he’s that sort of flashy person saying stupid things on Twitter.

“Tevin is a man that wants to be liked but he plays like he’s Floyd Mayweather, but he’s not half as good as him.

“He has serious holes in his armory. I am going to poke every single one of them, I’ll break him up and stop him.

“He’s never met a man like me in his life. He came from a rough background yes, but so did I.

“We’re both from crazy places but we’re in the limelight now, so we have to be grown-up and responsible as we’re going to have cameras around us.”


Eddie Hearn, who takes care of both boxers, was licking his lips at the prospect of the two (📸: Ed Mulholland) going at it live on DAZN.

“I can’t wait for March 15 at the Liacouras Center,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “It’s our first ever event in Philadelphia and it’s an honor to promote in this great city on St Patrick’s weekend.

“Tevin Farmer is one of the great boxing underdog stories of our generation.

“I’m so happy he is getting the chance to bring that World championship home against a feisty and talented Jono Carroll,” he added.

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