Featherweight Mace Ruegg turns pro with MTK Global

RINGSIDE 04/02/2019

MTK Global is proud to announce the signing of talented featherweight Mace Ruegg as he turns professional.

The Bournemouth teenager began in Thai boxing and went on to wow crowds in the Queensbury Boxing League, where he won the Regional Title, and is determined to make his mark swiftly in the paid ranks.

Ruegg said: “I can’t put into words how I feel. To get an opportunity like this with MTK Global is amazing. I’m here to win and I want people to go away from my fights talking about me.

“This is the entertainment business. It’s how I express myself – having my hands down and using my naturally flamboyant style. You can tell who I am from how I fight – a confident guy who knows I’ll get the job done.

“I can fight in many different ways. I can work on brawling, then the next fight I’ll box, then I’ll move. It all depends on my surroundings and what my opponent is doing. I adjust to what’s in front of me.

“While I aim to entertain in the ring, I’m always respectful of my opponents because I want to be a good character to look up to for youngsters. Boxers have powerful roles and I want to set a positive example for young people.”

MTK Global Scout Tom Stalker added: “This is another exciting signing for MTK Global because in Mace, we feel we’ve snared a really natural talent. You just have to look at what he achieved in the Queensbury Boxing League in a short space of time for proof.

“I first saw him when he came over to spar our guys in MTK Marbella so he’s someone I’ve had my eye on for a while. He impressed me immediately with his elusiveness and counter-punching and I’m sure he’s going to be a handful for anyone in the pro game.

“One thing we can promise with Mace is that he will entertain the fans. He’s got a style that people will simply watching. We believe his gifts can take him to title level sooner rather than later and we’re looking forward to helping him get there.”

News of Ruegg’s professional debut will be announced in due course.

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