WBC clarify 10% same-day rehydration clause is compulsory for title fights

RINGSIDE 01/02/2019
World Boxing Council Heavyweight

One of the main priorities of the World Boxing Council this year will be the development of the new Weight Management Program.

The WMP specifically aims to protect the health and safety of fighters.

In addition to our already established pre-weigh-ins of 30 and 7 days. The 14 days weigh in is added.

To further ensure the safety of boxers and their rivals, by avoiding overhydration, the World Boxing Council is implementing a weigh in system on the same day of the fight.

In which boxers must not exceed 10% of their weight division.

The fighters must be weighed in the dressing room of the arena where the fight will take place.


It must be done to monitor that the fighter doesn’t exceed 10% of the division limit.

In order for this initiative to work, we need the cooperation of promoters, matchmakers, managers, coaches, boxing commissions, boxing federations, the press and of course, the boxers themselves.

This new program was implemented at boxing events in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco and Brooklyn, New York.