Boxer denies faking injury in live video, reveals broken neck in brace

Frank Warren revealed his disappointed this week after a long-standing opponent pulled out of a clash with Sam Bowen.

Ronnie ‘The Shark’ Clark was due to fight Bowen in an already rearranged contest next month.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Warren labelled the situation with Clark ‘ridiculous’ in his obvious frustration.

“Yet again Clark pulled out. It is ridiculous and I don’t know why he wanted the fight in the first place,” said Warren.

“We want Sam Bowen to defend his British title if anyone has the balls to step up, but he will be fighting. Sam is talented, does the job in style, dedicated and the chances will come.

“If Lyon can get on track we could make him against Sam Bowen later this year. If Anthony can stop Amar that will be a statement.

“This year is about making it happen. These are the sort of fights he wants. I could have made him a world title fight last year, but it is not about fighting for it but winning and defending it. He is getting there. Sam Maxwell has been patient and this year is going to be his year.

“If he hasn’t got a meaningful title around his waist by the end of the year I’ll be very surprised. A fight against Ohara Davies shouldn’t be hard to make,” he added.

A few hours later, Clark went live on social media sporting a neck brace, revealing he’d herniated a disc and was out for months.

Mediate notebooks state:

“A herniated disc is caused by a fray or break of the outer fibers of a spinal disc that normally contain the soft liquid shock absorbing substance inside the disc.”

This means Clark has effectively broken his neck. After being accused by some on social media of faking, Clark stated in the video he could ‘end up in a wheelchair’ if he’d have fought.

The Scot still hopes to fight in the future. Although at the moment, Clark doesn’t seem completely sure it will happen.

Clark will initially be out for months recovering before any attempt to trade blows again.

Before Christmas, Clark was helped out by the boxing community when he attempted to sell his only title belt on eBay.

The offer to fight Bowen came soon after but Clark’s hopes of earning a decent purse have been dashed.

For Bowen, Warren is now looking to secure an alternative foe for Leicester on February 23rd.