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EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Ogogo hopes to fight again after further eye surgery

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British middleweight Anthony Ogogo has not boxed since his TKO loss to Craig Cunningham where he suffered a fractured eye socket.

World Boxing News caught up with Ogogo exclusively to get the latest on his recovery from further surgery.

When asked by WBN if he sees another fight as realistic, Ogogo explained promptly: “I certainly hope so, I’m not going to go and talk about the money I’ve earned in the boxing ring but I’ve spent every single penny I’ve earned in the boxing ring… and some on this eye operation and eye recovery alone.

“I haven’t done that to go on Twitter and say look how tough I am. I’ve done that for one reason only and that’s to get back in the boxing ring.

“I want to complete my dream of becoming world champion.”

Ogogo has had six operations to try and fix the injury and now feels ready to go again.

“That’s why I’ve done it, 100% I pray and hope I can fight again. But all I can do is what I’ve done.

“I do certainly hope I can box again, that’s why I put myself through the mill of the last couple of years. I’m just clinging to that and I’m trying hard every single day.

“I’ve been in the gym again, three sessions.”

Ogogo revealed that he also still lives the life of an athlete, and how harsh the injury dealt to him was. The ailment has not prevented him in any way shape or form.

“I love boxing, I love it and its what I’m passionate about and I’ve always dreamed and believed that I’m going to box again,” said the Olympian.

“I can’t be a hypocrite and go out on the drink and eat curries every night, that’s not what an athlete does.”

In his last fight against Craig Cunningham, the shock upset defeat propelled Ogogo into these two years of recovery.

After being knocked down in the 2nd round after suffering the injury, Ogogo continued fighting until the 8th round.

Remembering the night of events, Ogogo (???? Sky Sports) told WBN: “I was panicking and that was the same thing in my last fight.

“At one point, he was stalking me and I couldn’t see a thing, I was all over the place.

“I thought he must be close now, my depth deception was out so I didn’t know where he was. But I thought he was right in front of me so I threw this right hook with everything that I had. I missed by a country mile and almost went through the ring.

“My left eye was my damaged one, and I didn’t think I was getting hit until I was hit. My team was right to pull me out.

“I felt my left arm was heavy with lactic acid because it was so tired from holding it up. What I did was I backed away from him till I thought there were six feet between us. I let my arms down to let the lactic acid out and the next thing I know, he hit me straight down the pipe.

“As I say my team was right to pull me out.”


On what the future holds, Ogogo concluded by saying: “I’m still working hard. I could have given up at any time in the last couple of years but I’m still biting down on the proverbial gum shield.

“I’m believing that one day I will go and fight again.

“My story will get told, people will get inspired by it. People will hopefully encourage others and what they might personally take away from it.

“I’ll get the climax again in the story that I think I deserve.”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller