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Home » VIDEO: Slow motion Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao smirks say a lot

VIDEO: Slow motion Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao smirks say a lot

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Manny Pacquiao decided to take in a Los Angeles Lakers game on Monday evening, bumping into rival and promoter Floyd Mayweather for the second time this month.

The pair have only ever met and had public interactions when a fight is brewing. This has led to strong rumors they will meet again four years on from the first bout.

Back in 2015, ‘MayPac I’ broke all box office records. Even Mayweather’s cross-codes bout with MMA star Conor McGregor couldn’t top it in 2017.

As dollars make sense, Mayweather knows the clock is ticking on his career to make one final nine-figure paycheck.

The media have already made all the groundwork on a return deal, just how Mayweather likes it. And meetings like last night’s are not commonplace.

Pacquiao shared a social media clip of himself walking by Mayweather courtside, which the Filipino even had slowed down for full effect.

If shows Mayweather and Pacquiao clearly smirking at each other as if the coming together may have even been pre-planned.

In true Mayweather-style, the video was received and run with just the way he’d have hoped.

How many more ‘meetings’ will there be until the ultimate press orchestrator puts us all out of our misery.

A constant rumor-mill has to come to an end sometime soon as a clash is supposedly set to take place in September this year.


Mayweather had a December 31st ‘contest’ to blow off the cobwebs. Defeating kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa without even a short training camp.

Looking the fleshiest of his career, Mayweather destroyed the smaller Japanese fighter in a round.

Prior to the event, Pacquiao had stated his arch-rival would fight on New Year’s Eve, he’d compete in January and then the duo would have rematch.

The only thing left to come to fruition is the latter. We will see soon enough if that happens.