Mass of entrants apply to be part of MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup

RINGSIDE 18/01/2019

The MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup has filled to capacity in a record three days; leaving organiser Steve Sharkey marvelling at the floods of interest from around the world.

The highly-anticipated event, which takes place between April 18-21 at Penrith Leisure Centre in Cumbria, has already attracted in excess of 400 applicants – 80 of whom are last year’s returning champions.

With fighters and teams of varying ages, weights and nationalities all eager to participate, Sharkey believes the unprecedented volume of entries will result in the event proving one of the most successful of its kind.

Sharkey said: “All I can say is: ‘Wow!’ I’m genuinely dumbstruck by this. Talk about a flood of interest, I’m deep under the water here and I just can’t get my head around it. It’s absolutely fantastic.

“This is an outstanding response from the boxing community both domestically and internationally. In all my years, I’ve not seen a Box Cup fill up as quickly as this in the UK or anywhere else.

“It’s great to see we have the right team in place, the right structure in place, the right entry system in place and provide the chance for these young athletes to showcase their skills in front of a global management team.

“What Jablinked will do now is analyse all these entries and any categories that might still have room for another fighter or two will be opened back up accordingly… so if you still want to enter, you may be in luck – all is not quite lost!”

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