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WBC set new Weight Management Program, 10% fight day stipulation

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has set about the New Year introducing a new Weight Management Program.

In his first Round 12 of 2019, Sulaiman outlined his vision to make the sport even safer moving forward.

“One of the top priorities of the WBC for 2019 will be the introduction of the new Weight Management Program, which is intended to protect the health of the fighters above everything,” said Sulaiman.

“We will need the collaboration from promoters, matchmakers, managers, trainers, boxing commissions, boxing federations, press, and of course the fighters themselves.

The Weight Management Program is as follows:

  1. Mandatory disclosure of both fighters’ weight at the time of agreement for a fight.

The promoter must require each boxer and their management to submit to the WBC the precise weight that he/she has at the time of signing a fight. This must be sent to:

William Boodhoo

Lorenzo Soberanes

Tito Gonzalez

Safety weigh-in 30-14-7 (days).

2. The WBC will continue with the 30 and 7-day weigh-in, but we also instituted a 14-day weight check, and the percentages have been modified as follows:

30-day weigh-in 10%
14-day weigh-in 5%
7-day weigh-in 3%

The WBC will circulate a memo with the updated fine and penalties for non-compliance.

Promoters must arrange with the local boxing commission and WBC supervisor to have a scale ready at the site of the bout in order to have both boxers weigh upon arrival the day of the fight.

3. Boxers must not exceed 10% from the official weigh-in.

4. The WBC reserves the right to impose any of the following penalties for non-compliance:

Fines up to $5,000 dollars for numbers 1 and 2
Withdrawal of sanctioning of a contest
Up to 30% penalty on the purse on number 3

“The WBC will have continuous communications with the promoter in every single event to support the administration of this Weight Management Program,” he added.

Since succeeding his father Jose as WBC President, Mauricio has been at the forefront of making the sport safer for the boxers involved.

These latest steps only move to solidify his future endeavors.