Leigh Wood signs managerial deal with David Coldwell

RINGSIDE 09/01/2019

Leigh Wood is a fighter making up for lost time, and after signing a management deal with Dave Coldwell, the Nottingham boxer is confident that his career can get back on track immediately.

As a prospect, Wood raced through his apprenticeship, but his run was brought crashing down as he was stopped by Gavin McDonnell for the British super-bantamweight belt in 2014.

Nursing a collection of injuries ever since, Wood has been unable to rebuild momentum, but a clean bill of health now has him rejuvenated and he’s delighted to be putting his faith in Coldwell.

“It was an easy decision to make in all honesty,” revealed Wood, who will now be campaigning at featherweight. “I looked at the work he had done with other fighters and the opportunities he’s got for them and I’ve known him a long time so there was no doubt that he was someone I could trust with my career.

“Jordan Gill is my best friend and I look at how far Dave has taken him in such a short time and I’m hopeful that he can do the same for me. The last few years haven’t been ideal with different injuries, but I’m ready to go now and you’ll see that if I’m given the chance.”

Not prepared to call anyone out regarding a title shot, Wood added that he would relish the opportunity at fighting for a belt in 2019.

“There’s no way I can just start demanding shots against champions, but a title fight of some note is what I want desperately this year.

“I don’t think I’m that far away from one at the moment, but it’s a shot I’ve got to earn and I think I’ll get there at some point as long as keep winning and looking good. Domestically there’s nothing that I fear so I’d be ready for the shot as soon as it come along.”