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Home » Surrey police set to act as ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ explains Twitter hack

Surrey police set to act as ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ explains Twitter hack

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Boxer turned-bare knuckle fighter Robin Deakin aka ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer,’ has lifted the lid on how his Twitter account was hacked.

The 32-year-old, who won just two of 55 bouts before labeling himself with the tag, says a man claiming to be a Public Relations Company took over his account.

Deakin’s ‘@rockinrobinbox6’ account, with over 8,000 followers, was initially taken over by someone claiming to be a rapper called ‘Aikes.’


After a few days, the account was changed, but not before thousands of Deakin’s followers were removed or changed, plus fans and friends were blocked.

Now called ‘UK Music News’ after being altered to ‘Inspirational Tweets,’ the verified account boasts more followers since being overtaken in late December.

Speaking to police on the matter, Deakin believes his account should be back to normal soon.

“Surrey Police said they would be sorting my account from the fake who nicked it by Tuesday. It’s been long enough,” explained Deakin.

“If they do not, I have said I would go to the geezer’s residence as @rockinrobinbox6 has hacked my account.


“All verified accounts (should), please block this guy. He’s hacked my verified account. I have had trouble getting my account as he lies, saying he is a PR (agent). He’s a con, and he’s also taken all my personal details.”

He continued: “I can’t wait to get my account back @rockinrobinbox6. The Geezers f***ed it up and blocked more people than I did.

“He needs to get a life and get his own reputation. Thanks to Surrey Police for keeping me informed.”


Back in the ring on January 26 for BKB, Deakin remains hopeful all will be resolved after pleading with Twitter Verified on the matter.

“Everyone who that geezer has blocked, don’t worry. I should get my account back in the next few days. It’s mad I actually miss the Trolls that abused me on @rockinrobinbox6. I’ll unblock all. Running in the morning as only three weeks until my fight at The 02.

“My @verified account has been hacked. I need my account back.


“It’s good to know Surrey Police are now investigating my account and should be back with me very soon. Thanks for your help @rockinrobinbox6 is now pretending to be a producer for young talent.”

Concluding with a final update, Deakin said: Just got off the phone to Surrey Police they have been very helpful.”

Deakin @rockinrobinbox7 has set up a new temporary Twitter account.