Barry Hearn praises Eddie, explains how social media has changed boxing

World Boxing News 05/01/2019

📸 Lawrence Lustig

Barry Hearn made an appearance on The Brian Moore Show recently to discuss his expanding Matchroom empire.

Hearn placed son Eddie in charge of the boxing side of his business and has since witnessed the business flourish.

On the job Eddie is currently undertaking, with the DAZN deal and branching out overseas, Barry was extremely happy.

“I don’t make the decisions in boxing, Eddie (📸 Ed Mulholland) makes all those decisions. He occasionally asks me for my opinion and then he completely ignores it. That’s his job,” Hearn told Love Sport Radio

“I want to know that in all the divisions – we’ve got 13 sports in Matchroom Sport now – all the divisions have different heads. They are responsible, not me, as otherwise why give them the job to start with.

“So Eddie’s done this amazing job on boxing which is now spreading globally. No one in history has ever done the job like this because we’re opening offices in Italy for Matchroom Italy, next is gonna be Germany, after that will be Spain. This is growing into a very sizable business.”


On the future of the heavyweight division, which is split between the Hearns, Frank Warren and Al Haymon at the very top level, Barry added: “What I want to see and what is likely is two different things.

“The sport of boxing is convoluted with dialogue and egos, and obviously we’re talking about massive money. That comes into the mix as well, inevitably.

“The die-hard fans don’t seem to understand. ‘Well just make the fight, give him what he wants’. It doesn’t work like that in professional sport. We’re dealing with egos, we’re dealing with professionals.

“Heavyweight boxing has never been in such a healthy state. In my view, unless I was going back to the Ali-Frazier days and Spinks and that. The UK has become a really important base for boxing because we’re generating huge crowds.

“It’s a sexy sport at the moment and although he’s related to me by birth, my son has done a job that I thought was unparalleled. I never believed it could get to be this big. But it’s a new world.

“On social media, it’s a world of creating an occasion. It’s not a world for the die-hard purists anymore. There’s about 150 of them, he gets 90,000 at Wembley, it’s a different world. So what do we want to see?”

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