MTK announces sponsorship of Lord Lonsdale Box Cup

RINGSIDE 02/01/2019

The MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup will take place in April after MTK Global were announced as lifetime sponsors of the key amateur event.

With interest in boxing both in the UK and abroad hitting new heights, the competition provides a crucial platform for aspiring fighters to showcase their talents in front of professional boxers, managers and promoters.

MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup organiser Steve Sharkey said: “We have designed this Box Cup so that boxers from Under-5s, Under-10s and Under-20s can enter. We want to give everyone a fair chance of developing their boxing skills year after year.

“With the open class, we’ll also see some of the top athletes in the country and internationally entering this competition. The MTK scouts will be there so any fighters looking to progress to a professional career can operate in front of the leading global management team.

“We had Hughie Fury, Peter Fury and Jack Catterall at last year’s event. We want these professionals to turn up because kids look up to them. These pros were all kids boxing once so they know how important it is to give something back.

“The development of amateur boxing helps young people learn respect and changes their outlook on what’s right and wrong. It’s great to see young boxers have the best brought out of them.

“The MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup will see the champions from last year coming back to defend their title if they want to take home the MTK Lord Lonsdale belt. The year after, they have to come back and defend it again in 2020 if they want to keep the belt outright. 

“It’s absolutely fantastic. There’s no event like it in Europe.”

MTK Manchester boss Johnney Roye added: “I’m over the moon. It will this give us the opportunity to see the up-and-coming talent outside of MTK Global and we can offer contracts accordingly.

“We’re looking to benefit all these children by giving them a platform that not many athletes are afforded at that stage of their careers. I’m looking forward to the community enjoying a great event.”

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