Abner Mares: Gervonta Davis fight is off if he fails weight

RINGSIDE 02/01/2019

Former world champion Abner Mares spoke about his upcoming fight against Gervonta Davis recently.

Mares made an appearance on Sirius Fight Nation 93 to cover ground on his forthcoming battle.

Randy Gordon: You are going to do something against a top, top fighter. Gerry and I give you all the credit in the world and we understand you’re doing this because you are a fighter of the highest caliber who wants nothing but the best. Is that right.

Abner Mares: I’m doing this not only for myself for my career for my family. I’m doing this honestly and for myself.

Boxing needs this. You know I can’t just sit back pick and choose. I mean you I’m coming off a defeat. I could easily pick that you know let opponent.

You know not to put Leo down but I mean some like limbo Leo’s heart condition you know saying as I could have again I’m going to name the fighters that were presented to me prior to me choosing Gervonta.

I Had the opportunity to fight Gary Russell. So I had the opportunity to wait on the Frampton against Warrington.

And so well I mean those are great fights in my weight class with great pay and championship opportunity as well as in my weight class.

And you think about it. Why are you taking this monster match at the higher weight class because I can and because I want to I want to prove myself.

I know I can. And why now when you said how bad you want to be Gervonta. I Want to beat on the Spanish his diet I mean the guy definitely has to wait.

I mean to make weight the guy definitely has to work on that and I’m going to be truly honest and I’m going to say it right now on this show. If Gervonta does not make weight, I am not fighting him.

I said it. If he does not make weight I’m not going to put my life on risk. I’m not going to. None of that. I’m not about the money. I can sit and wait for another fight.

And if he doesn’t make weight I’m definitely not going to fight the guy. So hopefully he comes in weight and we have a professional fight and we go ahead and give the fight fans a fantastic performance from both ends.

I respect his boxing style and I know that we are going to do just so.

Listen to Abner Mares saying he won’t fight if Gervonta does not make weight: