5 Most Shocking Boxing Matches Of All Time

RINGSIDE 02/01/2019
Evander Holyfield Mike Tyson Pay Per View


The most exciting thing about boxing is not so much the outcome of the match, but the competition and the sacrifice the boxers make to always give their 110 percent. 

This dedication and the fighting techniques are the things that make this sport so special to the audience.

Moreover, one of the other reasons that excite most fans is to bet and predict the results of their favourite matches.

The adrenaline rush experienced at this moment is equal to playing games while exploring new casinos for the thrill seekers on the other side of betting.

Let’s talk about 5 of the most shocking boxing matches in the history of boxing.

Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman

Set in Kinshasa, Congo, on October 30th, 1974, this is most likely one of the most famous matches in the history of the sport.

The “Rumble in the jungle” – as this match is called – saw the victory of Ali after 8 rounds letting him recover the World Champion title after 7 years.

During this match, Ali showed a physical resistance never seen before using his famous “Rope-a-Dope” technique.

This is a strategy where one contender simply lets the opponent fatigue himself until reaching the point where the contender can execute offensive manoeuvres and win the match.

And that is exactly what happened during this match.

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier

Muhammad Ali again, this time against Joe Frazier was in another match that has become a legend. It’s known as the “Thrilla in Manila”.

This match was held on October 1st, 1975 in Manila, Philippines, and it’s famous for its brutality. It was so violent that Ali described it the closest thing to death that he ever experienced.

Ali won by technical knockout after Eddie Futch, Frazier’s chief second decided to stop the fight as the two athletes, Frazier the most, were really suffering.

Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield

On the 28th of June 1997 in Las Vegas, one of the probably best-known matches took place.

That day the spectators witnessed a scene that has become a legend, not only in boxing, but in the sport in general.

During the third round, Tyson bit the ear of his opponent, Evander Holyfield, a gesture that cost him the match as well as his boxing career, which changed entirely precisely that day.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler

This epic match was set on April 6th, 1987. It was the return of Sugar Ray Leonard after three years of inactivity.

Despite the perfect balance between the two boxers, the victory went to Leonard.

Due to the anger caused by this defeat, Marvin Hagler, so-called “The Marvelous”, withdrew from the boxing world; therefore, renouncing to millions of dollars already proposed by the organisers who wanted to organise a revenge match.

Micky Ward vs Arturo Gatti

The most intense match between these two fighters took place on May 18th, 2002. A bloody encounter, which finally resulted in the victory of the American boxer, Ward, in the ninth round.

The match was so violent that both athletes needed medical treatment in a trauma centre.

The match was voted Fight of the Year by the Ring Magazine. Despite the sporting competitiveness between the two boxers, Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti in their private life were great friends.


Boxing, like a sport in general, also teaches this: You can be the most violent opponent in the ring, but outside of this, your enemy can become your greatest friend.