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Home » Police called as rapper overtakes Twitter account of ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’

Police called as rapper overtakes Twitter account of ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’

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A profile claiming to be the aspiring actor and hip-hop artist Aikes has overtaken the Twitter account of ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ Robin Deakin.

The change happened suddenly on New Year’s Eve. Pugilist-turned bareknuckle fighter Deakin has reported the move to authorities.

Deakin has since opened a new account. He also warned those controlling his old @rockinrobinbox6 account of his intentions to seize the handle back.

Whether it’s actually Aikes making the new posts, complete with a blue tick, is unknown. However, his debut single, ‘Closer,’ has already been plugged on the account.

Followers of Deakin have asked where the Crawley man has disappeared to were informed the ‘hack’ was under investigation.

Under his new alias of @Dan32134593, Deakin sent several warnings to those involved.

“I want you to know I found where you live. You live in _____. If you don’t give my Twitter back, you little mug, I’m coming. Three days I told you I would find you,” said Deakin.

“This geezer has hacked my account. Please retweet. He’s hacked my account. I’m sorting it, pal.

“I have phoned Metropolitan Police. They are investigating my account. @SwiftySmith, @frankiegavin1, @CallumSmith23, @RossMinter, and @SpencerOliver all know this is my account,” he added.

The ongoing saga shows no signs of ending over 24 hours from the first tweets that began to appear.


By 8:00 pm on Tuesday, the account began unfollowing all of Deakin’s previous follows.

Giving himself the title of ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ for self-promotion purposes, Deakin won just two of his 55 contests from 2006 to 2017.

After failing to land a fight with Conor Benn, Deakin decided to turn his hand to the bareknuckle code.

Winning his first pro boxing contest against Shaun Walton twelve years ago, Deakin would then wait another nine years to taste victory again.

‘The Real Life Rocky’ faces a battle of a different kind this time around as Deakin seeks to regain control of his social media.