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Home » Oscar De La Hoya amazingly admits own promotion killed Pay-Per-View

Oscar De La Hoya amazingly admits own promotion killed Pay-Per-View

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Oscar De La Hoya has admitted staging a third fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz on Pay-Per-View killed the format.

The contest, which signaled Golden Boy’s first foray into MMA earlier this year, bombed the box office.

Punters were turned away by the age of the two fighters as Ortiz battered the older Liddel in the opening round.

Less than 50,000 buys have been reported by several outlets since.

After being questioned on his recent comments regarding Pay-Per-View on the back of moving to stream service DAZN, De La Hoya gave a surprising response.

A fan asked the former world champion why he was now against PPV after promoting the event just a few weeks ago.

De La Hoya’s retort was: “And that’s why it’s dead, you dumb ass!”

Quite a startling statement by De La Hoya, who is yet to announce if he will promote another MMA event in the future.

The DAZN deal was reached following the demise of HBO, who bowed out of boxing after more than 45 years.


Meanwhile, De La Hoya’s state of mind has been a topic of conversation on social media following some worrying activities recently.

Apart from trashing PPV, De La Hoya has also called out UFC boss Dana White to fight him.

On the back of signing a deal with DAZN, which effectively ends the need for De La Hoya to pursue PPV, the Golden Boy boss seemingly altered his view.

Labeling those who purchase Pay-Per-View ‘idiots’ in a now-deleted tweet, De La Hoya has since attempted to begin the hashtag #NOPPV.

Some are now questioning whether De La Hoya has fallen off the wagon, having spent time in rehab back five years ago.

A mixture of PPV and state of mind worries by followers came back to De La Hoya after his latest post.