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Chris Van Heerden speaks out on dad’s senseless murder

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Chris Van Heerden has branded the untimely murder of his father ‘politically motivated’ after landing in South Africa.

In a video clip already viewed by hundreds of thousands on social media, the Top Rank star says things need to change in his homeland.

The senseless killing of white men in the country is being swept under the carpet, according to Van Heerden, who is hopeful his words will make a difference.

Dad Daniel was shot in the back as he attempted to report a crime. Daniel took a Red Ant Security Guard’s keys after witnessing him unlawfully offloading meat.

As the 61-year father of thirteen walked away, he was accused of hijack and killed in cold blood.

Van Heerden, who was very close to Daniel, cannot make sense of the tragedy.

Chris Van Heerden’s father

“All Life matters. My dad was shot and killed because another man was comfortable doing so. Why? – Because its politically motivated,” said ‘The Heat’.

“Please retweet this. Help me, please. R.I.P Daddy,” he added.

Brother Danie, named after his slain dad, has since launched a petition to deny bail to the guard who opened fire.

A hearing is set to rule on January 2nd after the Red Ant was initially charged with murder.


Danie said: “Please urgently sign this petition to assist our family in preventing the bail application of our Dad’s killer on the 2nd January (which is in two days). We need as much support as possible.

“We encourage those in support to digitally sign this petition and if possible be at the Vereeniging Magistrates Court in support of this great man.

“Support the family in preventing bail whilst they come to terms with this loss and planning his memorial.”

Mr. Van Heerden’s funeral is set to take place on Friday.