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Home » Fans fear for Oscar De La Hoya as worrying behavior continues

Fans fear for Oscar De La Hoya as worrying behavior continues

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Oscar De La Hoya’s mind games have been a topic of conversation on social media following some worrying activities recently.

Apart from calling out UFC boss Dana White to fight him, De La Hoya has been trashing the Pay-Per-View format.

On the back of signing a deal with DAZN, which effectively ends the need for De La Hoya to pursue PPV, the Golden Boy boss has seemingly altered his view.

Labelling those who purchase Pay-Per-View ‘idiots’ in a now-deleted tweet, De La Hoya has since attempted to begin the hashtag #NOPPV.

Fans were quick to point out that De La Hoya was promoting a PPV as recently as November. Chuck Liddle was wiped out by Tito Ortiz in a third encounter of their saga.

De La Hoya was criticized by White for bringing both fighters out of retirement for the contest. Which was a huge mismatch in the end.

Others are now questioning whether De La Hoya has fallen off the wagon having spent time in rehab back five years ago.

A mixture of PPV and state of mind responses followed De La Hoya’s latest post.


“Did u not make your career off PPV?” asked one, whilst another said: “Most likely he’s drunk again! Random. Next post will most likely be about Floyd!”

The Floyd Mayweather reference is to both going at each other with the most animosity ever.

Once fierce rivals inside the ring, the pair are now embroiled in a shocking back and forth retort that is straying way below the belt.

“Hahaha the idiot @FloydMayweather took the bait, I intentionally misspelled to see if the dummy would respond and sure enough he did. Floyd have you apologized to all those women you hit and went to jail for? Just retire already and enjoy @GoldenBoyBoxing in 2019,” stated De La Hoya when Mayweather responded to his Christmas Eve post.

Instagram has been firing in both directions. The behavior has prompted some to wonder where it will all end.