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Home » Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua: Dillian Whyte ready for all

Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua: Dillian Whyte ready for all

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British heavyweight boxing continues to boom, and Dillian Whyte has put himself right smack bang in the mix of it all.

‘The Bodysnatcher’ took out a rock-solid Derek Chisora in spectacular fashion before Christmas. The Londoner is now contemplating his next move.

Asked during a recent radio interview whether he wants to fight Anthony Joshua again, Whyte spoke to SiriusXM Fight Nation 93 hosts Gerry Cooney and Randy Gordon.

Dillian Whyte: Yeah. You know it is a great fight. You know, and it will not just be us coming out and try to get the fight done early. So it’s good because it means a person is going to come forward.

You know you afraid you’re going to come forward and talk like that. And we need fighting like that. He effectively leaves the open for me to learn what I need to learn.

You know, I mean at any point at a fight, I can knock anyone out, you know, any point of the fight. Everyone knows how my left hook works. As you continue to view the fight, the first punch dropped to lower the hand. I didn’t are going to have a place a milder mental thing. Not yet, my friend. You’re not getting off that lightly.


Gerry Cooney: There are three guys: there’s Joshua, there’s Wilder and Fury. Which one do you want the most?

Dillian Whyte: I want to fight any one of them, my dog. Good fight. I know a good fight. And I believe they, in any fight, will make me work my butt off in those fights and know those ain’t no easy fight. So that will help my legacy as a good champion.

A good fight for everyone. I believe the Fury fight, the Wilder, the Joshua fight, are all great fights. These are the kind of fights that people talk about for years after my career is made.

Dillian Whyte

Dave Thompson

Gerry Cooney: Dillian, you sound like a politician now. Pick one of those three guys. Which is the one you want to fight the most?

Randy Gordon: Here we go.

Dillian Whyte: Anthony Joshua, we got issues.

Gerry Cooney: Like that, actually. That’s a big that’s a great fight and a bigger, a lot closer fight for you because of your experience.

Dillian Whyte wants to fight Anthony Joshua.

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