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Home » Further shocking details emerge in murder of Chris Van Heerden’s father

Further shocking details emerge in murder of Chris Van Heerden’s father

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Chris Van Heerden’s lands in South Africa from Los Angeles on Sunday to attend the funeral of his father, Daniel.

The Top Rank star learned some of the horrific details of Daniel’s killing, which took place in Gauteng last week.

Daniel, 61, was shot from behind after attempting to report a security guard for allegedly unlawfully offloading meat.

As Mr. Van Heerden tried to take the Red Ants key to phone the police, he was accused of hijack and shot dead in cold blood.

During the argument, Daniel can be heard on a subsequently released video chillingly telling the security officer he’d have to shoot him to stop him from being handed in.

In a cruel twist of fate, that’s exactly what happened. After being shot, you can hear Daniel shouting, ‘I’m going to lock you up!’ when simply trying to make a citizen’s arrest.

The Red Ant was arrested and charged with the murder of Daniel, a father of 13 children.

Daniel Chris Van Heerden

A now-viral video clip of the shooting came with the following report:

“On Thursday 27 December a heated argument in Sedibeng Gauteng turned deadly when a male accused a red ants security guard of theft. The security guard drew his firearm and shot the male in the back.

“The guard alleges that he was under the impression the white male was hijacking him.

“The 61-year-old male passed on due to his injuries. The security guard was placed under arrest and a murder docket has been registered with the SAPS

“The deceased is the father of former EFC cage fighter and heavyweight champion Danie Van Heerden and Boxing champion Chris van Heerden


In the early hours of Sunday, heartbroken Chris posted an update as he continues to try and process what happened to his beloved father.

“For the last five years since my move to America, my dad called me every single day to say, ‘Hello my boy. I love you. I miss you.’

“I’m waiting for my phone to ring…….

“I realize I will never get that call again. Daddy, I love you, and I miss you.

“Support and love have not stopped coming my way. I want to say thank you to each one of you for the beautiful messages.

“The number of people’s lives my dad touched in his way is overwhelming to see.

“R.I.P Pappa. You did not deserve to go this way. I’m sorry,” he said.

World Boxing News would like to take this opportunity to send our sincere condolences to the extended family.

We would also like to clarify that all reports are taken with the utmost care, respect and seriousness.

Before releasing reports regarding the incident, Chris Van Heerden and his manager Peter Kahn were both informed.