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Home » Promoter Eddie Hearn outlines where DAZN will be one year from now

Promoter Eddie Hearn outlines where DAZN will be one year from now

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Eddie Hearn is pretty confident of DAZN becoming the number one sports streaming service in the United States.

The Matchroom boss took a leap of faith when signing on to be the first big name stable to accept an offer from DAZN. Hearn was closely followed by Golden Boy and Oscar De La Hoya.

As rumors swirl of more big names heading to DAZN, Hearn believes the sky is the limit for the newly-launched app.

“I think it looks like the home of boxing. You know I think that it’s just it’s completely different. Every weekend we bring in three-four fight nights to the forefront where fans have been able to watch things at different times on demand,” Hearn told Sirius XM Boxing Radio in an interview.

“What we’re doing is that one of the things is that we’re not obstructed by having a schedule. So what I mean by that is we don’t have to come on air at 11 o’clock because we wait for a movie to end.

“We’re showing every single fight on the card so it’s like the ultimate stop the ultimate destination for fight fans.

“You know our plan is to build the strongest stable in America. Our plan is to put on the best fights in America. Our plan is to build a platform and programming that is the absolute home of boxing for fight fans.

“As I say it the channel evolves and the platform evolves. There will be baseball, there will be American football, tennis, hockey but my job as a partner of design is to make sure that we control the best fight sport out there.

“We already have 32 Matchroom boxing shows. You have Anthony Joshua you have Canelo now you have Golden Boy. As well you have Bellator, you have three weight classes the World Boxing Super Series and we’re just getting started.

“The noise that we are making in the sport is fantastic and we’ve got a long way to go. We’re not taking anything for granted. I feel like we’re in a great spot. ”

Listen to Eddie Hearn on where DAZN will be one year from now:

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