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AIBA President insists he’ll fight to keep boxing at the Olympics

AIBA President Gafur Rahimov insists clean boxing and having the sport remain involved at Olympic level are high on his to do list.

Rahimov, speaking in his December address to media and fans, stated he was committed to the future the AIBA.

My dear boxers and friends,

As the end of the year draws upon us, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish the entire AIBA family a happy holiday and a prosperous new year.

Looking back at 2018, it has been an eventful year but also a very good year for our organization and for our sport. We have come a long way and we have a lot to be proud of; I am very happy to report that we are leaving this year in a much stronger and healthier state than when we entered it.

While there has recently been exchanges focused on the challenges that remain in our organization, I believe that it is important to also highlight the progress and achievements made in 2018. I would especially like to acknowledge the significant advancement made in a number of areas including: our improved Governance policies which now puts AIBA among the top half of all Summer IFs.

Our commitment to the fight for clean sport which has resulted in AIBA being among the first IFs to partner with the ITA and has enabled AIBA to become fully compliant with the WADA Code. Our stable financial situation which is the result of regained trust from many partners.

And last but not least, our successful implementation of a new R&J system which has received praise from our Olympic partners. I truly believe that the work we have done together this year has revitalized and energized AIBA and boxing.

And we are not done yet! I can assure you that the AIBA leadership and AIBA staff are more committed than ever to continuing to build on the good work we have achieved this year. In terms of our Olympic preparation, this is something that I take extremely seriously which is why I have already initiated contact with the IOC Ad Hoc Inquiry Committee to discuss next steps forward including suggesting that any hearing related to the inquiry be open to the public. We are keen to collaborate to the fullest extent possible with our Olympic partners in an open and transparent way.

Lastly, on a personal note, I wanted to thank the entire AIBA family for the trust and unwavering support that you have put in me this year. Rest assured that my number one priority continues to be securing the future of our sport on all levels, from the development of grassroots all the way to Olympic boxing.
Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and see you all in 2019!