Mini-Klitschko’s ready to rule

RINGSIDE 19/12/2018

Charlie Edwards believes he and his brother Sunny are set to reign supreme in the flyweight division as the Klitschko brothers did at heavyweight.

Edwards (13-1-KO6) takes on Cristofer Rosales for the WBC world title at The O2 on Saturday – live on Sky Sports – and with Sunny having added the WBO International to the WBO European crown, the future looks bright for the Surrey siblings.

Charlie Edwards said: “Sunny and I have been pushing each other on and egging each other on all the time. We are going to be like mini-Klitschkos.

“Like the Klitschkos, Sunny and I will never fight each other. Our bond is far too strong for that to happen. We’ll just both take whatever opportunities come our way.

“I’m feeling so good coming into this fight. This is the best I’ve ever made the weigh – I’ve done it very, very comfortably. 

“I believe Rosales will be very fit and strong but I’ve seen his style before in the amateurs and I just believe I have the boxing brain and skills to get the better of him when that bell goes.

“I plan to become a world champion on Saturday night and then in 2019, I want to unify the division.”

In addition to Edwards challenging Rosales, popular Liverpool heavyweight David Price heads back into battle against Tom Little.