Willie Monroe Jr. case under review, Matt Korobov faces Jermall Charlo

World Boxing Council

The World Boxing Council have requested more time to review the situation regarding an adverse finding against Willie Monroe Jr.

In a statement released on Monday, the WBC said they will make an official decision on the case soon.

Monroe, in the meantime, has been replaced by Matt Korobov on this weekend’s PBC bill.

A sample collected from Willie Monroe Jr., pursuant to the WBC Clean Boxing Program yielded an adverse finding for a banned substance.

The WBC feels compelled to provide a preliminary report of the situation in light of the timing of Mr. Monroe’s upcoming bout for the WBC Interim World Title scheduled for December the 22nd.

The WBC’s will afford Mr. Monroe the due process to which he is entitled under the WBC CBP’s Protocol.

While the WBC follows its Protocol’s procedures, Mr. Monroe’s situation cannot not be fully and justly adjudicated on a timely fashion for him to fight for the WBC Title. The WBC CBP’s ultimate goal is to protect the health, safety and welfare of boxers.

Accordingly, the WBC must fully investigate the specific facts surrounding Mr. Monroe’s reported adverse finding before fully adjudicating the matter.

At this point, the facts known to the WBC indicate that a sample collected from Mr. Monroe yielded an adverse finding for a banned steroidal substance.

It also appears that Mr. Monroe disclosed to the sample collector his use of a non-specific “testosterone booster” in his Doping Control Form. Mr. Monroe did not request, nor he received, a Therapeutic Use Exception for any substance.


The WBC CBP provides program participants with multiple educational tools, including a detailed and required webinar which explains important facts about PEDs, banned procedures and other important factors.

It is the participants’ obligation to be informed of what the WBC CBP requires of him and adhere to it accordingly.

As always, the WBC will conduct its investigation in the most impartial and supportive manner, and will report a final ruling once it completes the process the WBC CBP mandates.