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Home » Dave Allen told Nick Webb not to fight Kamil Sokolowski before brutal KO

Dave Allen told Nick Webb not to fight Kamil Sokolowski before brutal KO

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Dave Allen was devastated to hear Nick Webb suffered another knockout loss on the back of inflicting a first defeat on the domestic heavyweight prospect earlier this year.

In four last July on PPV, Allen, who stepped in at late notice to blitz Webb, was in camp with his former opponent recently. The pair were helping Dillian Whyte prepare for Dereck Chisora this weekend when the Doncaster man offered Webb some advice.

Upon learning Webb’s opponent for his second comeback fight, Allen, now using his new moniker as ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Pugilistic Entertainment,’ saw dangerous signs and let the 31-year-old know his concerns.

“I more or less half-begged Nick not to fight Sokolowski when we were both sparring Dillian last week. Nick is one of the nicest men I’ve met. This is a shame,” revealed Allen.

“Anyone who stops or beats Kamil every round you can safely say is going be a top heavyweight. (Dillian) Whyte and (Nathan) Gorman (are) the only two to stop him,” he added.

Continuing, Allen pointed out a lack of depth in the top division ranks on British soil.

“The Boxing Board don’t allow these Hungarians to come across anymore as fodder. (They have) really clamped down on it,” he said. “(You) either pay daft money for a South American or fight Sokolowski as there’s a shortage of British heavyweight opponents (and) journeymen.”



Webb faces a tough decision moving forward after being in line for a British title shot just a few short months ago.

Making it to 13-0, Webb hadn’t really fought anyone of note until Allen and was taken out by the first real flush shot on the night.

Against Sokolowski, those frailties came to the fore once again. Webb now has to decide where he goes from here.

Allen himself knows all too well how damaging defeats can be to a career, although the caliber of opponents involved in those reverses is night and day compared to Sokolowski.

The UK-based Pole is a tough man, but with a record of 5-14-2, it’s an opponent anyone looking to challenge for the Lonsdale Belt has to look good against.