Joseph Parker v Alex Flores: Weigh-in results for Saturday


Joseph Parker has weighed-in at 109.25kg for his heavyweight showdown with Mexican America Alexander Flores at Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena on Saturday night.

Parker comes in almost half a kilogram lighter than in his most recent outing against Dillian Whyte in London in July.

“This is the best Joseph has looked all year,” Team Parker head trainer Kevin Barry said.

“Joseph knows what is on the line in this fight. His work in training has been tremendous. He is ready.”

Parker’s opponent, Mexican-American Alexander Flores tipped the scales at 107.95kg – 1.3kg lighter than Parker.

“The world will know who Alexander ‘The Great’ Flores is come Saturday night,” Flores said.

The fight between Canterbury’s Bowyn Morgan and Fiji’s Sebastian ‘Sniper’ Singh will now take place at middleweight after Singh missed the super-welterweight limit.

The contest will still be for the Pro Box super-welterweight title, however only Morgan is eligible to win the belt.

Full weigh in details for Parker v Flores, presented by Flooring Xtra:

Bjorn Horrack 96.45 kg
Quintin Poole Nicholas 144.35 kg

Sam Watt 103.05 kg
Alistair Boyd 96.20 kg

Michaela Jenkins 66.45 kg
Megyn McLennan 65.55 kg

Adrian “The Terrah” Taihia 73.95 kg
Andrei Mikhailovich 73.65 kg

Dave “Brown Buttabean” Letele 110.45 kg
Manu “The Beast” Vatuvei 116.35 kg

Lance “Busta” Bryant 90.05 kg
David “The Great White” Light 89.85 kg

Bowyn “BoMan” Morgan 69.80 kg
Sebastian “Sniper” Singh 72.45 kg

Junior Fa 115.50 kg
Rogelio Omar Rossi 101.45 kg

Joseph Parker 109.25 kg
Alexander “The Great” Flores 107.95 kg

International Heavyweight Contest (12×3 min rounds)
Joseph Parker, NZ 24-2 (18KO) vs Alexander Flores, USA 17-1-1 (15KO)

Heavyweight Contest – WBO Interim Oriental Heavyweight title fight (10×3 min rounds)
Junior Fa, NZ 15-0 (8KO) vs Rogelio Omar Rossi, ARG 20-6-1 (13KO)

6th TV fight
PRO Box Pacific Welterweight Championship (10×3 min rounds)
Bowyn Morgan, NZ 18-1 (8KO) vs Sebastian “Sniper” Singh, Fiji 11-2-1 (7KO)

5th TV fight
Cruiserweight (6×3 min rounds)
David Light, NZ 10-0 (7KO) vs Lance Bryant, NZ 12-4 (5KO)

4th TV fight
Special Heavyweight Attraction (4×3 min rounds)
David ‘Brown Butterbean’ Letele, NZ vs Manu Vatuvei, NZ (pro debut)

3rd TV Fight
NZ Women’s Welterweight Championship (6×2 min rounds)
Megyn McLennan, NZ vs Michaela Jenkins (NZ Muay Thai Champion)

2nd TV fight
Middleweight (6×3 min rounds)
Andrei Mikhoilovich, NZ 6-0 (4KO) vs Adrian Taihia, NZ 15-4-2 (7KO)

1st TV fight
Heavyweight (4×3 min rounds)
Sam Watts, NZ debut vs Alistair Boyd, NZ 1-2-2

Heavyweight (3×2 min rounds)
Quintin Poole, NZ v Bjorn Horrack, NZ