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Home » Harley Benn makes public u-turn on future fight with brother Conor

Harley Benn makes public u-turn on future fight with brother Conor

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Harley Benn has responded to brother Conor ruling out a fight between the pair in the future.

Talented undefeated boxers Harley and Conor are the sons of British boxing legend Nigel Benn.

Harley, just four days older, is a 5-0 super-welterweight. Whilst 22-year-old Conor is 13-0 in the division below.

In a radio interview this week, eyebrow-raising comments Harley made a few months ago came to light.

“Anything could happen, who knows?” said Harley on talkSPORT’s Fight night. “If we were at the same weight and he was in the way of a title or whatever, I wouldn’t turn down the fight.”

Appearing on the same station, half-sibling Conor discussed their distant relationship and the possibility himself: “It is what it is. He’s a good fighter, and I wish him all the best.”

Asked directly if he’d fight him, Conor replied: “No, not a chance. If you put a million quid on the table, I wouldn’t fight him.

Benn then listened to Harley’s previous comments via headphones and said: “Whether I like him or not. Whether we can on or not, there’s no way I could try and take my brother’s head off. I couldn’t live with that.

“When I go into a fight, I’m going in there to take their head off and punch their heads in. No matter who much I dislike him or how much we argue, no.

“I don’t think it would break my dad’s heart or anyone’s heart. But I don’t think it would morally be right; to hate my brother enough to fight him.”

Responding to the social media post put out by talkSPORT on the subject, Harley then reversed his comments.

“I fully respect this (from Conor). Sometimes in an interview, you can get well ahead of yourself and let excitement take over.

“For the record, I’d also not take a fight with my brother. All the best to him,” he concluded.

A big 2019 lies ahead for both, with Harley fighting as recently as November in Brentwood, Essex.

On the other hand, Conor has taken a small break from the sport but plans to return in the coming months.