EXCLUSIVE: John Ryder talks ex-foe Rocky’s chances against Canelo

Rocky Fielding John Ryder

Lawrence Lustig

In an interview with WBN, former opponent John Ryder discussed the upcoming fight between Rocky Fielding and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Ryder, who lost a close decision to Fielding in April 2017, praised the Liverpool man for taking on the challenge.

“It’s a good fight, and again you’ve got to give Rocky the credit like you’d give Callum Smith credit if he takes on Gennady Golovkin in 2019,” Ryder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He’s won the title, he’s gone abroad to win it. He’s gone to Germany and took it off the champion. Now he does not have an easy defense. He’s gone straight in there with possibly the pound for pound number one. Plus he’s going to New York to do it.”

Fielding, who is an 8/1 underdog in the upcoming fight, does have his advantages. Ryder focused on the chances of the Brit keeping his title.

“Obviously, it’s a massive occasion, but there’s got to be something in his head that he believes he can do this,” said Ryder.

“In boxing, he’s the bigger man. He’s the more natural super middleweight, and he obviously sees something in Canelo.

“Obviously, Canelo is still a young man in terms of age, but fight-wise he’s a bit of a veteran. He’s been around for years now.

“You never know when he’s showing signs of decay, and it could be Rocky’s time.”

When asked about Canelo’s decision to move up in weight and whether he will move back down, Ryder replied:

“It’s a strange one in terms of looking at it. Is he swerving the bigger fights down at middleweight with Charlo, Andrade, and Jacobs down at middleweight now?

“Would they be too much work for him? Is he looking for an easy way out to get another title belt? I don’t think so as he’s not the type of fighter that would shy away from an opponent.”

Canelo has made some brash choices throughout his career, although his moves always seem to be within his best interest.

Whether it be settling a rivalry at 164.5lbs or moving back down in weight to win another title, the Mexican is successful in testing his uniquely athletic body every time.

Regarding that one blemish on Canelo’s record, Ryder concluded: “You think he took on a very experienced Floyd Mayweather and obviously learned a hell of a lot from that fight.

“So I think he wants to make as many fights and win as many titles as he can.

“Do as many deeds as he can and then get out of it and make the most of his $365 million or whatever it is from DAZN.”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller.