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Home » Coldwell on Fowler plan: Fitzgerald in March, Cheeseman straight after

Coldwell on Fowler plan: Fitzgerald in March, Cheeseman straight after

Anthony Fowler closed a brilliant 2018 with a sickening first round knockout of Argentinian veteran, Jose Carlos Paz.

The South American, who entered the ring with solid credentials, had no answer to the first meaningful shot that Fowler landed and he was counted out moments later as grimaced in pain.

Dave Coldwell, Fowler’s trainer, was satisfied with the result and is delighted with the progress that is being made by his young charge.

“We worked on the body shot throughout camp,” revealed Coldwell, who will remain in the gym all over Christmas as he guides his fighters into what will potentially be a stacked 2019.

“Fowler is listening more and that’s all I want from him at this stage because I know what’s right for him. He’s getting himself a boxing brain that’ll take him far, he’s picking his shots much better, and his feet are improving too.

This year has been about getting him to think and be patient, and I’m happy with how he’s coming along. Paz was meant to give him some rounds, but Fowler found an opening early and took full advantage.”

Next up for Fowler is an all out attack on the domestic title scene with fights against Scott Fitzgerald and Ted Cheeseman lined up for 2019. “He’s ready for both fights now and I’m happy that Eddie [Hearn] can get all the fights made.

We’re looking at Fitzgerald in March and then it’s going to be Cheeseman straight after if things go to plan. There’s so much more to come from Fowler.

I did an interview last week talking about how much work has gone into him because he finished his amateur career in a hard way and was taking far too many shots

I’ve tried to change a few things without taking his strengths away and you’re starting to see a much better version of him.”