Akeem Ennis Brown aims for breakout night at York Hall

RINGSIDE 11/12/2018

Akeem Ennis Brown – aka ‘Riiddy’ – is adamant he’ll seize both his opportunity and the WBO European super-lightweight title at York Hall on Friday.

The unbeaten Gloucester youngster (11-0-KO1), who has already won the English title and a WBC world youth title by the age of 23, faces world-ranked Darragh Foley (15-2-1-KO8) on a stacked MTK Global card live on BoxNation.

Brown said: “When I get through this, there will be a lot of options for me. It depends which route I want to go down. I’d like a world title eliminator, or defend the European, or go for the British and Commonwealth.

“For me, it’s all just about which elevate me to world level quickest or make most money. I won’t look past Darragh but I’ll get past him and then it will be on to bigger and better things.

“I was looking at the super-lightweights at MTK Global. I was looking at the top of the rankings and a lot of the people above me are with MTK Global too. I’m glad they’ve got all of them so we can make the fights easily. I don’t have to chase them. It’s good business.

“These are the kind of fights I want. It’s meaningful and I want to be able to headline TV shows. This is why I joined MTK Global and I’m glad they’ve delivered it for me. I feel no pressure.

“To get to where I want to be, I’m going to have to deal with this kind of level. If I can’t deal with someone like Darragh Foley, I shouldn’t be thinking about world level. I know he’s world level himself but I won’t be talking about world champions if I can’t beat him.”

Joining Foley vs. Brown on the card is Larry Ekundayo’s IBF European welterweight defence against Louis Greene, Liam Wells vs. Rod Douglas Jr and much more.

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