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Home » Frank Warren BLASTS Wilder v Fury scoring, INCLUDING British judge

Frank Warren BLASTS Wilder v Fury scoring, INCLUDING British judge

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Promoter Frank Warren has called for more to be done to solve the apparent judging crisis in the United States.

Following Tyson Fury’s draw with Deontay Wilder on Saturday night, Warren was dismayed by the verdict.

Warren said results like Wilder v Fury are becoming commonplace and more officials needed to be sanctioned for bad cards.

“Major events featuring compelling showdowns over in the States are being tainted by incompetent judging. It’s just not on. You have the two Canelo-Golovkin fights and now this one,” Warren said in his latest column.

“These judges are not made accountable for their incomprehensible scoring and continue to be appointed to other fights.

“In football, and probably most other sports too, it would not be tolerated and they would be demoted or permanently sidelined.

“It is just not acceptable. I include the scoring of the British judge in this, as it simply defies logic.

“Phil Edwards is a good referee and I have a lot of respect for him, but he got this dreadfully wrong.

“This isn’t bias or a big bunch of sour grapes on our part because the respected observers at ringside all thought Tyson won. Lou DiBella, who is part of Wilder’s team, went up to him in the ring after the fight and said to him ‘you won’.

“From his body language at the final bell, you could tell that Deontay didn’t think he was going to get the decision. I must add that I’ve got a lot of time for him and he is a lovely bloke.

“Tyson is a unique heavyweight and what has happened to him here is a blight on the sport,” he added.


A lucrative rematch will soften the blow as both men prepare for a summer return.

The UK and Las Vegas are leading the way in the race to host.

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