Geovana Peres dominates late replacement opponent

RINGSIDE 06/12/2018

Geovana Peres won her second fight for this year by Unanimous decision, dominating and winning every round against Trish Vaka.

Brazilian Born New Zealand Citizen Geovana Peres, is now ranked 1st in WBA and 2nd on Boxrec.com, had her second fight this year since defending her NZ title against Lani Daniels in March.

Her opponent was originally going to be former top 10 ranked boxer, The Tongan Goddess Nailini Helu. However Nailini Helu failed a police permit and due to late notice was not able to get a clearance in time. Trish Vaka accepted the fight on 3 days notice.

Trish Vaka who just came off a decision lose against Tessa Tualevao just 5 days before the bout against Geovana Peres. Vaka had a good year this year with a win over an Australian and ranked 10th on Boxrec in August. However Geovana Peres was too much for Trish winning every round.

It is believe that a big announcement from Bruce Glozier will be made any day now for Geovana Peres next fight for a major world title fight, for his next show on March 2019 in New Zealand. John Conway was at ringside during the bout between Geovana and Trish, which could mean Geovana next opponent could be Lani Daniels in an epic rematch.

Geovana Peres had a lot of support in the crowd tonight at the Ellislie Event Centre in Auckland New Zealand with Terry Batchelor, Alexey Papyshev, Navosa “Smiley” Ioata and Benjamin Thomas Watt was in her corner.

Peres also got to meet Junior Fa, Hemi Ahio and Israel Adesanya before her fight as they wished her good luck. Geovana Peres and Benjamin Thomas Watt were both nominated at the New Zealand LGBTI Awards for Sports Personality of the Year. Unfortunately neither won the award but were finalists and attended the ceremony together.

The undercard also featured Hemi Ahio TKO win over Junior Maletino Iakopo to put Ahio back into the top 100 rankings on Boxrec. The American Visitor David Roberts Knocking out Aafeen Deen.

The biggest upset of the night was American Derion Chapman losing to Fiji New Zealander Shiva Mishra by Majority decision. It is believe that Chapman team might be appealing the decision as they believe they won the fight and screwed them over.

It was an epic battle and we hope to see a rematch soon.

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