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WBC reveal Stevenson medical dates, comment on Wilder v Fury scoring

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The WBC enjoyed a wonderful weekend of boxing with activity in many places worldwide with two major cards featuring WBC world titles in Quebec City, Adonis Stevenson vs. Oleksandr Gvozdyk, and in Los Angeles, California, Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury.

Both fights were theatrical, and both events remind the boxing world how much we need to continue to work together to make boxing safer on the one hand and better on the other.

The WBC is praying for Adonis Stevenson, who lost his WBC title Saturday night and needed surgery afterward.

The WBC will work with the promoters and the management of Stevenson. As well as with the local boxing commission to find important information. Which could lead to facts that can prevent future accidents in the ring.

The WBC wishes to congratulate the Quebec Boxing Commission, as they performed excellently the emergency protocol taking into consideration the “Golden Hour” and providing Adonis Stevenson the best opportunity for immediate medical attention.

Adonis Stevenson’s medicals were all current, which is also a great benefit for his delicate health.

All medical requirements were current within the time:

Physical CURRENT

MRI: May 10-2017

Ophthalmological: May 9-2018

HIV & Hepatitis: Nov 28-2018

MRI: May 10-2017

EKG: May 9-2018

Stress Test: May 9-2018

Neurological: May 15-2018

30 Day Weight (Max 193 Lbs) Adonis’ 30-day weight is 187 lbs.
7 Day Weight (Max 184 Lbs)Adonis’ 7-day weight is 183.8 lbs.

We wish Adonis Stevenson prompt recovery, and the WBC will always be in his corner.

At the same time, we wish to congratulate Oleksandr Gvozdyk for becoming the new Lt. Heavyweight champion, joining Oleksandr Uzyk and Vasily Lomachenko as reigning world champions from Ukraine, the host country of our 56 annual conventions.

Standing Ovation for Wilder and Fury

The heavyweight fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury resulted in a sensational and dramatic heavyweight match, and the result could not be more just with a draw by the three scoring judges.

Even though the draw, or the difference between one judge to another, has created some negative comments on social media, the WBC is proud of both champion Wilder and challenger Fury, as well as the ring officials who worked this event.

All three judges are honorable members of the boxing community with unquestionable integrity and honorability.

Wilder and Fury fought like warriors inside the ring, but in the end, they gave everybody a lesson of humility. We are extremely proud of their behavior and sportsmanship.
Wilder won, Fury win, boxing won.

Boxing is a sport that is scored with objectivity. There are no goals, no runs, no baskets; it is the judge’s determination round by round to come up with the final score at the end of the fight.

This fight had two knockdowns, which certainly made the difference that allowed Deontay Wilder to defend his title successfully.

Open Scoring

The WBC must recognize the California State Athletic Commission for its dedication and unquestionable leadership in boxing. I must praise the CSAC for working to find a neutral panel of officials considering having a fighter from the United States of America and a fighter from the United Kingdom.

We must also recognize the importance of the CSAC to have instant replay available for this significant fight. Even though it was not necessary, the instant replay protocol was in place and ready to be used had it been necessary.

The WBC will continue to work with all jurisdictions to find agreements to make our sport better. We will continue fight after fight to propose the use of open scoring after the 4th and 8th rounds because only the USA and the UK do not allow this practice, which has brought great results all over the world as it brings transparency to the sport and allows the fighters and their corners to be aware of what is being scored to adjust during the fight.

We celebrate a tremendous weekend of boxing with great joy, and we continue to pray for the wellbeing of our former champion Adonis “Superman” Stevenson.