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Home » Mexican judge scored FIRST FOUR ROUNDS for Deontay Wilder

Mexican judge scored FIRST FOUR ROUNDS for Deontay Wilder

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The scorecards of last Saturday night’s unbelievable heavyweight clash between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury make for disappointing reading. 

Judges Alejandro Ronchin from Mexico somehow scored the first FOUR ROUNDS for Deontay Wilder despite the ‘Bronze Bomber’ landing just 28 punches.

WBN had the fight 38-38 on the live scorecard. But since looking back at the fight on two occasions, would have altered the fourth round to Fury for 115-111.


There seems to be debate over the first two rounds, although rounds three and four were CLEAR for Fury as he landed DOUBLE the punches in both.

So how Ronchin managed to pencil Wilder in for a 10 in the third and fourth is on reflection a solid mistake.

Questions need to be answered as to how a top-level official in a situation like the weekend can get these rounds so wrong.

Ronchin only scored FIVE ROUNDS for Fury in total out of twelve, two of which were taken out of his hands with the knockdown.

It was critical to the result that Fury was awarded those unquestionable sessions and would have seen him crowned world champion for a second time.

Apart from the ninth and twelfth, in which Wilder put Fury on the canvas, it was hard to see how the American won more than one or two rounds.

An investigation into Ronchin’s scoring should be launched by the WBC, who are expected to order an immediate rematch soon.

Fury took the draw well despite the finishing totals and says ‘the fans know who really won the fight’.

But that can’t be an acceptable reaction in this sport.


The correct result should be in the offing from the start. With most sports these days having some form of video evidence to correct injustice.

So why doesn’t boxing?

The World Boxing Council should bring in powers to adapt with the changing times and be able to amend a result after a review.

Like a stewards inquiry in racing, or VAR in football. The final result of a fight should only stand on the back of a review – if there is huge doubt.

Hopefully this can be considered by the WBC at their next meeting of minds.

For now, boxing can look forward to the rematch.